MMS 2012 Day 2

By Arrettrl
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On April 19, 2012

Day 2 at MMS, and the Keynote address made 2 things very clear: Microsoft is looking to the cloud as the future of delivering services to users; and Microsoft Windows Server “8” (still in beta) is the vehicle to drive IT to that destination. By the way, the official name was announced: it’s Windows Server 2012. Microsoft is making some very strong claims about the new features included in this latest server OS.

Windows Server 2012 boasts, among other things, the ability to have 32 virtual processors, 1 TB of Memory and 64 TB of storage per VM. As impressive as these numbers are, they are just the beginning. Windows Server 2012 will also support up to 64 nodes and 4,000 VMs in a cluster.

Live Migration has been greatly enhanced, allowing concurrent live migrations, limited only by hardware constraints and the ability to migrate across SANs, direct attached storage, files or any combination of these. Live Migration can also migrate VMs between two separate clusters on any virtualization platform. Dubbed Shared Nothing Live Migration, this is done with nothing more than an Ethernet connection.

Moving the storage or the entire VM can be done with the Live Migration wizard.

Addressing the challenges of network multi-tenancy, Windows Server 2012 will include Network Virtualization, Allowing VMs to be moved between data centers without having to re-IP the workload.

Windows Server 2012 looks to push ahead in the virtualization space and set the pace for the future of cloud computing.