Tech Round-up for 5/16/13

By Mark Handelman
Posted in Virtualization
On May 16, 2013

Here are some of the technology stories that caught our eye today:

Jason Perlow at ZDNet writes about Bromium’s vSentry, a “microvisor” that operates by managing hardware virtualization on x86 processors. Because the microvisor virtualizes every computer process in its own container, malware won’t be able to enter any other process or part of the system. Perlow believes this could revolutionize desktop computer security.

Tami Reller, CFO of the Windows business unit at Microsoft, announced that Windows 8.1, also known as Windows Blue, will be available as a free update to existing Windows 8 or RT users. The update currently doesn’t have a scheduled release date, though Reller said that Microsoft would like to have 8.1 preloaded on computers in time for the holiday season. People attending the Microsoft Build Conference next month will get a preview version.

Riverbed announced that Cascade products from the Riverbed Performance Management product family achieved an EAL3+ certification under the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme (CCS) from the federal government. The products address critical assessment and validation processes under the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) and Cloud First mandates.

Security experts have found an updated version of the Pushdo Trojan that is behind the oldest and largest spam botnet, Cutwail. The variant can evade antivirus and antimalware detection by mimicking legitimate connection attempts to websites, which confuses signature-based detection systems. The researchers found that the new Pushdo Trojan is adding about 35,000 unique IPs every day to the botnet, with the majority of new infections coming from India, Iran, and Mexico. Instances have been found in the United States, as well.