Tech Round-up for 5/7/13

By Mark Handelman
Posted in Virtualization
On May 07, 2013

Here are some of the technology stories that caught our eye today:

Yesterday, Adobe announced that their Creative Suite of packaged products is being retired, instead focusing on their Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud is a subscription service where users can access the full software suite, as well as services such as web publishing and file sharing for their CC documents. The company says that users will have quicker access to new features and products, rather than waiting for a new version of Creative Suite to hit stores. Adobe is offering a monthly subscription and an annual subscription for both the full suite or individual products, with discounts for people who have older versions of CS.

RSA Labs researcher Ari Juels and MIT cryptography professor Ronald Rivest have proposed the use of “honeyword” passcodes on databases  where, if the code is accessed, alerts administrators that the database has been compromised by an attacker. “This approach is not terribly deep, but it should be quite effective, as it puts the adversary at risk of being detected with every attempted login using a password obtained by brute-force solving a hashed password,” the researchers wrote. They proposed that multiple passwords be associated with every user account, with one being the legitimate password and the others the honeyword. The “honeychecker” responsible for checking the passwords would be located on a separate system, so attackers wouldn't know whether their cracked hash was a legitimate password.

Dell has rebranded some of their virtualization products under the Foglight brand, which the company acquired when it bought Quest last summer. VKernel, which was previously a part of the vOPS suite, is now Foglight for Virtualization. vFoglightPro, Quest’s server virtualization management tool, is now Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition, aimed at midsize and large enterprises.

EMC introduced its ViPR Software-Defined Storage Platform yesterday at EMC World, allowing the ability to manage storage infrastructure alongside the data within the infrastructure. ViPR can integrate with VMware’s Software Defined Data Center, and Microsoft and OpenStack cloud platforms. It can also run on EMC or non-EMC hardware. ViPR will be available in the second half of 2013.