Tech Round-up for 5/9/13

By Mark Handelman
Posted in Virtualization
On May 09, 2013

Here are some of the technology stories that caught our eye today:

Facebook’s Open Compute Project, formed two years ago as an open source effort to design more efficient server, storage, and data center hardware designs, is collaborating with a host of other companies to design and build an open source switch for the top-of-the-rack. Frank Frankovsky, chairman of the project, presented at the Interop Conference yesterday. "It's our hope that an open, disaggregated switch will enable a faster pace of innovation in the development of networking hardware; help software-defined networking continue to evolve and flourish; and ultimately provide consumers of these technologies with the freedom they need to build infrastructures that are flexible, scalable, and efficient across the entire stack," said Frankovsky.

Martin Casado, VMware’s chief architect of networking, spoke at Interop yesterday about software defined networking. He believes that “reducing the time to provision IT,” like in deploying new applications and resources, is one of the most important features of SDN. “Speed is the key,” he said. While cloud computing has helped reduce the time and red tape involved in allocating computational and storage resources for a new application, SDN is needed to address the networking side.

Riverbed’s Steve Riley says that in the future, the hardware used to run networks will become less important, while networks themselves become more abstract. “The hardware is told what to do by the protocols that live above it,” said Riley, a technical director at Riverbed and member of their Strategic Technology Group, speaking at Interop yesterday. Riley believes that software will be able to decide how to route connections and be able to work seamlessly with other layers in the network.