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By Chaim Landau, Posted in Infrastructure

With the release of Citrix Receiver 4.x, Citrix has done away with the Program Neighborhood Agent (PNAgent), and with it, the ability to automate the creation of shortcuts to published applications on the user’s desktop. A customer recently asked me for a solution to this problem and I was able to get around it using the method below. When using Receiver 4.x, users are able to add published applications as favorites. When a user adds an application as a favorite, a Citrix-compiled .exe gets created and p... read more.

  • May 14, 2014

By Chaim Landau, Posted in Support

I've seen many people complain about this issue, and so I worked with Apple Care on this and they provided the fix below. Power off iMac (hold down the power button until it shuts off) Power back on When you hear the chime, press Command+S. This will take you to boot the iMac into a command line. Once at the command line, run the commands below. Note: commands are case sensitive, so type them exactly as shown below. Also, you will need to hit Enter after each line. mount -uw / cd /Library/Pre... read more.

  • April 08, 2014

By Chaim Landau, Posted in Uncategorized

A common complaint I’ve heard from customer’s who’ve implemented AppSense Personalization Server has been that their logons seem to be slowing down over time. In almost all the cases, the issue was related to Session Data slowing things down. What is Session Data? Session data is personal data users generate during their session, and is usually generated outside of specific applications; for example, printers, MRU lists, Outlook profiles, drive mappings, icon positions, etc. The problem with session d... read more.

  • February 24, 2014

By Chaim Landau, Posted in Support

The commands below came in very handy at a project I recently did for a customer. Scenario: Provides list of all identity pools and detailed information about them, e.g., lock status and UID. This can be very useful when troubleshooting general catalog errors. Command: Get-AcctIdentityPool Scenario: An attempt was made to delete a computer from the catalog and it failed mid-process. The account may have been deleted from Active Directory but left in an “in use” state in the catalog. To be able to r... read more.

  • July 19, 2013

By Chaim Landau, Posted in Virtualization

With XenDesktop 5.6, Citrix introduced Personal vDisks (PVD). With PVD, Citrix closed a serious gap in its VDI offerings. Prior to PVD, the enterprise was faced with few options when it came to VDI. The options were to either deliver a non-persistent desktop and lose all the changes to the operating system upon reboot, or a persistent desktop and manage the virtual machines like any other traditional workstation, practically depleting the ROI on the VDIs. Non-Persistent Desktop A non-persistent desktop is... read more.

  • July 18, 2013