Gotham Technology Group Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Gotham Technology Group is committed to using assets under its control for the betterment of our community, humanity, and the planet. The board has enacted a multi-stage program to create positive outcomes through the use of various resources.

We call this our 1-2-3 for Good Initiative.

  • percent of all gross profit generated by product resale is donated to charity through the Gotham Charitable Foundation.
  • additional PTO days are given to each employee annually for use in volunteer efforts.
  • Gotham initiatives actively lower carbon emissions:
    • Gotham is a leader in helping corporations keep workforces productive from home.
    • Over 2/3 of Gotham’s employees work remotely.
    • All Gotham offices are certified green.

Gotham established the Gotham Charitable Foundation (GCF) in 2015. GCF has since directed over $250,000.00 in charitable donations to a myriad of deserving causes. These funds were all donated by Gotham Technology Group. The board has pledged that starting in 2021, Gotham will commit a minimum annual gift to the GCF, to be calculated as 1% of all gross profit on product resale over the course of the year.

Gotham encourages its employees’ commitment to giving back in two ways. GCF has various programs that match employee gifts on a regular basis. Recognizing that charity isn’t just about giving, it’s about doing, Gotham gives each employee two paid days off each year to use as volunteer days.

Gotham is very proud of its continuing role as a leader in work-from-home solutions. Gotham has built and managed work-from-home solutions for many of its customers, including some of the largest corporations on the planet. We know that effort has kept millions of individuals out of their cars and comfortably working from their homes. As a leader in remote solutions, we encourage our employees to work from home as well and over 2/3 of Gotham employees work remotely every day. We are gratified to have helped alleviate carbon emissions challenges in this way. In addition, Gotham has committed to actively managing the carbon footprint of our physical offices. All Gotham offices are in spaces rated Green by the US Green organization.