By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 7/8 The Growing Dichotomy of AI-Powered Code in Cloud-Native Security (Palo Alto Networks) Amidst the allure of newfound technology lies a profound duality – the stark contrast between the benefits of AI-driven software development and the formidable security risks it introduces. Tuesday 7/9 You Cannot Pass ft. Bryon Singh, RailWorks Corporation read more.

  • July 12, 2024

By Steve Gold, Posted in Security

In “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, the fellowship travels to Mordor to destroy the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron. In one scene, the fellowship come face to face with a Balrog. Knowing they cannot all escape, Gandalf stands on a bridge and yells “You Cannot Pass” and fights the Balrog to the death. What Gandalf did on the bridge relates to how we should handle our data. Gandalf recognized the threat of the Balrog to both his fellow travelers (colleagues) and t... read more.

  • July 09, 2024

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 7/1 Seeing the Unseen: Preventing Breaches by Spotting Malicious Browser Extensions (CrowdStrike) When an end user installs a browser extension, the permissions granted open the door to a world of possibilities — and vulnerabilities. Depending on what’s allowed, these extensions can access a veritable treasure trove of information. DMARC: Why It's Moving from a Best Practice to a Must-Have (Pro... read more.

  • July 05, 2024

By Steve Gold, Posted in Security

Yeah, I know. I’m using the same pop culture reference to make a point. But the reference is perfect and the point is important so read on. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) "Ocean's Eleven" showed breaking into a high-security vault requires more than just picking a lock; it involves bypassing multiple layers of security measures. This is similar to multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA enhances security by requiring users to present multiple pieces of evidence (factors) to verify their identity.... read more.

  • July 02, 2024

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 6/17 5 Things to Do First During a Ransomware Attack (Pure Storage) Knowing the challenges you’ll face first and the immediate steps you can take during the early stages of an attack can help minimize loss, cost, and risk. Triage Your Cloud Security: Risk Prioritization Methods (CyberArk) Effective risk prioritization requires a nuanced understanding of risk dynamics and a strategic, adaptive approach... read more.

  • June 28, 2024

By Ryan Lee, Posted in Security

Let's face it, we’ve all been targeted by scams at some point these days. It happens so often, that I am able to spot it pretty quickly. But this time, I was almost fleeced. Let me set the stage before I share my story here. I am an IT consultant/architect and have been in this field for over 20 years now. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable, more than your typical savvy tech user. In my line of work, security is paramount. Whether it’s around architecture, implementation, ongoing management... read more.

  • June 24, 2024

By Steve Gold, Posted in Security

Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney in Ocean’s 11 shows the complexity, timing, and sometimes ease of leveraging social engineering for an attack. This film provides a compelling look into the art of deception and manipulation, showcasing strategies that are surprisingly relevant to cybersecurity training. In "Ocean's Eleven," Danny Ocean and his team use sophisticated social engineering tactics to rob a casino. They employ pretexting when posing as technicians or officials to access restricted are... read more.

  • June 19, 2024

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 6/10 Announcing the inclusion of XenServer 8 in all new Citrix subscriptions! (Citrix) XenServer provides our Citrix platform customers the premium hypervisor capabilities optimized for Citrix workloads. Leveraging XenServer for your Citrix workloads helps you save money on 3rd party hypervisor solutions, while getting the most out of your Citrix deployment, with optimizations for Citrix only available from XenServer, such as PVS Accelerator, Intellicache, and MCS Read Cache. read more.

  • June 14, 2024

By Hank Smith, Posted in Security

I wanted to share a personal experience about how artificial intelligence (AI) was almost used to exploit the elderly. I recently received a troubling call from my father, inquiring if my partner had been involved in a car accident and placed in jail. Knowing this wasn't true, I probed for more details. It turned out my father had received a call from somebody claiming to be my partner with a voice that sounded exactly like hers. The caller, impersonating my partner, said she caused an accident that harmed... read more.

  • June 12, 2024

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 6/3 Major Botnets Disrupted via Global Law Enforcement Takedown (Proofpoint) Per Europol, in conjunction with the malware disruption, the coordinated action led to four arrests, over 100 servers taken down across 10 countries, over 2,000 domains brought under the control of law enforcement, and illegal assets frozen. Tuesday 6/4 Endpoint Management Upleveled: New device list functionality (C... read more.

  • June 11, 2024