By Bert Amodol, Posted in Security

For the last several years, the news of companies being breached has grown exponentially. These breaches may have been ransomware incidents, data exfiltration, or account compromises. They seem to be multiplying daily and are not limited to a particular industry or company size. You have probably asked yourself what you would do if it happened to your company. The time to think about what to do is before it happens. Being prepared to deal with a breach goes a long way towards a quick recovery and returning... read more.

  • July 21, 2020

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 7/13 Why Good Cyber Security Starts with Great Data Management (NetApp) Above all else, good security management is predicated on good data management. Along every step of the security journey – from prevent to detect to respond – knowing where your data is, how to extract it, and how it interoperates across and beyond organizational boundaries are key to ensuring you protect yours and your customers’ most valuable intelligence. This botnet has surged ba... read more.

  • July 17, 2020

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 6/29 Pure Storage Recognized as a Leader in Enterprise Flash Array Storage and Object Storage Categories TrustRadius has recognized both FlashArray and FlashBlade as 2020 Top Rated Award winners. With a combined average trScore of 9/10 and more than 350 verified customer reviews and ratings, FlashArray won in the Enterprise Flash Array Storage category and FlashBlade won in the Object Storage category. Okta, CrowdStrike, Netskope, and Proofpoint Join Together to Secure Remo... read more.

  • July 10, 2020

By Hank Smith, Posted in Infrastructure, Virtualization

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), was released in September 2019, and is seen as the next step in the evolution of Microsoft’s OS. Microsoft Azure really doesn’t offer native management of WVD, and that is where Citrix, VMware, NetApp VDS (formerly CloudJumper), and Nerdio come in. CitrixAnyone familiar with Citrix Cloud can easily create WVD desktops as it is just another target. Citrix supports a variety of features with the use of WVD, specifically the HDX protocol, integration with other target... read more.

  • June 29, 2020

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 6/22 Rendering Ransomware Worthless (Nutanix) Disclaimer: there is no silver bullet when it comes to protecting against ransomware. It is a vast and expansive topic that can encompass many aspects of your IT infrastructure, including network, compute, memory, storage, and disaster recovery, among others. New subscription options for on-premises Citrix Workspace solutions Citrix recognizes that not every customer is ready to make the move to cloud services. This is why Citr... read more.

  • June 26, 2020

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 6/8 Tycoon Ransomware Banks on Unusual Image File Tactic While initial information shows a very targeted attack, it illustrates the notion that criminal groups are seeking new ways to avoid detection once inside an organization. Security Without Barriers, Part Two: Planning for Cyber Resilience (FireEye) For many organizations, recent world events have accelerated their adoption of cloud computing and increased their reliance on remote workers. This shift continues a trend... read more.

  • June 19, 2020

By Kamran Ahmad, Posted in Infrastructure

Last December, Citrix released Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 Long Term Service Release (LTSR), formerly known as XenApp/XenDesktop. Cumulative Update 1 was released last month with new features and fixes that are described in this article. When Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop 1912 LTSR was first released, customers using XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR were required to upgrade to Cumulative Update 5. However, the Cumulative Update for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 LTSR 1912 allows customers to... read more.

  • June 18, 2020

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Monday 6/1   Cisco to acquire internet monitoring solution ThousandEyes Cisco’s Todd Nightingale, writing in a blog post announcing the deal said that the kind of data that ThousandEyes provides around internet user experience is more important than ever as internet connections have come under tremendous pressure with huge numbers of employees working from home. PonyFinal Ransomware Targets Enterprise Servers Then Bides Its Time “PonyFinal attackers have been s... read more.

  • June 05, 2020

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

Tuesday 5/26 ThreatList: People Know Reusing Passwords Is Dumb, But Still Do It Researchers said that password reuse was the biggest security faux pas being committed by respondents. In fact, password reuse has actually gotten worse over the years: When asked how frequently they use the same password or a variation, 66 percent answered “always” or “mostly” – which is up 8 percent from the same survey in 2018. Is Disaster Recovery Really Ransomware Rec... read more.

  • May 29, 2020

By Eric Corcoran, Posted in Technology Week in Review

ICYMI: Check out the link below if you missed our latest live panel webinar "Incident Response: How to Detect & Recover Remotely". Monday 5/18 Ready-made COVID-19 Themed Phishing Templates Copy Government Websites Worldwide (Proofpoint) Threat actors are continuing to try and take advantage of people worldwide as the pandemic continues—and most recently their efforts have included using fake websites, associated with COVID-19 financial assistance, to steal credentials. ... read more.

  • May 21, 2020