Citrix NetScaler version 10 Released

By Brian Wagner
Posted in Virtualization
On April 12, 2012

Citrix just released a new version of the NetScaler. Version 10 adds many new features that increase scalability and functionality.

The key new features are:

  • Clustering of appliances to increase capacity.  This is huge! Instead of creating HA pairs that are active/passive, up to 32 NetScalers can be part of a single cluster that is active/active. The traffic is distributed among the cluster nodes to provide high availability, high throughput, and scalability.
  • Action Analytics for real time traffic monitoring that can dynamically make policy changes to cope with the new dynamic enterprise cloud demands.
  • Enhancements to DataStream to further extend Citrix’s lead in database load balancing.
  • Greater performance from Web Interface on NetScaler along with greater customization.
  • SAML support for AAA.
  • Windows Gadget to monitor multiple NetScalers.
  • SCOM Management Pack.
  • Call Home - the appliance will automatically upload logs if a common error condition occurs. This works with registration with the Citrix Technical Support Server.
  • Additional Web Interface customization through the GUI

Full release notes can be found here:

Brian Wagner

Brian Wagner

Brian has over ten years’ experience in the planning, design, and implementation of technology solutions. He supervises technical specialists at projects, and has spoken at many technical seminars. Brian is an application integration specialist with experience configuring over 1,000 applications to work in multi-user environments, and manages Gotham’s thin client and server consolidation practices.