How Secure is YOUR iPhone?

By Entrcb
Posted in Security
On September 05, 2012

For years, Apple has touted its products – from Macs to iPhones and now iPads - as being free from all of the vulnerabilities of the Windows OS; but recent events and information seem to call their claims into question.

In May of 2012, it was widely revealed that the extremely popular Siri feature of the new iPhone is actually storing all of your commands in an Apple datacenter as opposed to on your phone, thus creating a security risk; particularly for corporations ( .

In addition, just last week it was revealed that the FBI may be maintaining a list of every single Apple device, along with all of the user information for that device (  This information was obtained via a Java exploit of an FBI agent’s laptop.

While it is in dispute as to wether or not the FBI actually has this data, not to mention if it is legitimate (Apple hasn’t spoken to that as yet), it is indisputable that the rapid corporate adoption of mobile devices is creating security risks that must be addressed by the vendors and security specialists sooner rather than later.

Update: On September 5, Apple denied that they gave ID data to the federal agency. "The FBI has not requested this information from Apple, nor have we provided it to the FBI or any organization," Apple said in a statement.