Monitoring with Splunk - Connecting the Dots

By Brian Wagner
Posted in Infrastructure
On February 03, 2014

There are many monitoring solutions on the market, some with specific focus for Citrix environments that tout an "end-to-end" view. But, I've yet to see a single dashboard that shows a user's connection through the NetScaler, Citrix XD/XA, and backend connections to SQL, storage, and other critical components. Splunk can capture data from all of these sources, and index it to your heart's content. But, out of the box you get individual dashboards without the zoomed out view we all crave.

That is where Gotham can step in. We understand the data. We understand how these layers interact with each other, what defines a "session" for a user, and how to connect the dots between these systems. We've actually been doing this for years, with various means of capturing the data and displaying the data. With Splunk emerging as the leader in easily capturing and indexing a list of endless products, it seems natural to switch our focus to it for gathering and dashboarding.

Below is a screenshot of an example dashboard:


We know what our customers want; the single pane of glass, high level dashboard with drill downs, and a quick view and alerting of critical issues.

Call your account manager to discuss how we can connect the dots in your environment.

Brian Wagner

Brian Wagner

Brian has over ten years’ experience in the planning, design, and implementation of technology solutions. He supervises technical specialists at projects, and has spoken at many technical seminars. Brian is an application integration specialist with experience configuring over 1,000 applications to work in multi-user environments, and manages Gotham’s thin client and server consolidation practices.