Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS: The Best Offense is a Good Defense

By Gotham
Posted in Security
On March 15, 2012


Today’s networks are highly dynamic. New technologies add complexity, and the number and type of applications and systems on your network continues to grow. Information security risks multiply in number and scale as attackers become more sophisticated—and stealthy.

White Paper: The Case for The Next-Generation IPS with Sourcefire

Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS raises the bar for IPS technology by integrating real-time contextual awareness into its inspection. The system gathers information about network and host configurations, applications and operating systems, user identity, and network behavior and traffic baselines. Combined with Gotham Technology Group's security expertise, your business can have the utmost visibility into what’s running on your network while significantly lowering your total cost of ownership.

Gotham Technology Group and Sourcefire can help your business implement the right security solutions for your unique environment. Schedule a meeting today to learn more.