Tech Round-up: 2/27/12-3/2/12

By Gotham
Posted in Virtualization
On March 02, 2012

  • ComputerWorld: Despite protests, Google launches privacy plan that lets Google combine data from most of its services:
  • NPR: Algorithms for controlling the International Space Station were lost when an unencrypted NASA laptop was stolen last March:
  • ITworld: Microsoft opens doors to Metro app store for Windows 8, alongside public Windows 8 preview:
  • InfoWorld: US local/state government agencies realized 134-269% ROI on server and storage virtualization, document management, and cloud computing:
  • CNET weighs in on the iPad 3, to be unveiled 3/7: improved resolution, better camera, faster processor, 4G, Siri:
  • CRN: Symantec launches O3, a cloud security platform that automates data protection and allows SSO to cloud services:
  • Computerworld: Google withdraws Pwn2Own sponsorship, but puts $1M on the line for Chrome exploit rewards:
  • CNET: Google says that 850,000 Android devices are activated each day, up from 700K in December:
  • Time: Wikileaks begins publishing "millions" of stolen Stratfor e-mails; Stratfor data servers remain “secure and protected”:
  • Wired: Businesses could require three times the amount of wireless coverage to support iPad on corporate networks: