Tech Round-up: 3/19/12-3/23/12

By Gotham
Posted in Virtualization
On March 23, 2012

  • ZDNet: Most owners of compromised Web sites don't know how they were hacked:
  • PCWorld: Outlook 15 gets ready for touch tablets, gets rid of Social Connector, adds in-line replies:
  • CRN: Windows 8 is on track to be finished this summer and launched 'around October,' according to a Bloomberg report:
  • Ars Technica: Criminal and malicious attacks accounted for 37% of corporate data breaches in 2011, a 6% rise from 2010:
  • Computerworld: What does the new iPad mean to business? On-the-go media work, videoconferencing, and more:
  • Computerworld: According to Kapersky Labs, the Duqu trojan was built by old-school programmers using Object Oriented C:
  • InfoWorld: Upcoming VMware product will allow users to remotely access desktops via browser without a plug-in or client:
  • GMA: New Android malware found to be a self-updating, remote-controlled¬†Trojan: