Tech Round-up for 6/21/13

By Mark Handelman
Posted in Virtualization
On June 21, 2013

Here are some of the technology stories that caught our eye today:

Later this summer, Yahoo will be making inactive user IDs available, allowing new users a chance at having a better or more unique email address. However, Wired’s Mat Honan believes this could allow people to take over someone else’s identity.

Mozilla and Opera are working with Stanford University’s Cookie Clearinghouse project in an attempt to make an algorithm that automatically accepts or blocks website cookies.

At the GigaOM Structure conference, Juniper’s Bob Muglia, executive VP of the software solutions division, said that the company wants to bring ease and scalability to network infrastructure.

Earlier this week, Cisco acquired Composite Software, a provider of data virtualization software and services. Cisco is looking to integrate Composite’s software with their Unified Computing System to provide greater network data analysis.