Tech Roundup: 2/6/12-2/10/12

By Gotham
Posted in Virtualization
On February 10, 2012

  • Time: Is Google planning to release a cloud storage service akin to Dropbox?
  • InfoWorld: Microsoft plans to produce a special version of Windows 8 and Office for touch-oriented ARM-based devices:
  • GCN: Virtualization makes it easier to replicate data easier within a disaster recovery system and the cloud:
  • CSM: Windows 8 preview launch set for late February:
  • CSO: US hospital hit by data-stealing malware, compromising the personal data of thousands of patients:
  • InfoWorld: VMware Cloud Integration Manager makes it easier to wholesale clouds, automating tasks required to provision services:
  • PCWorld: New digital spam and how to avoid it: fake news sites, clickjacking, sockpuppets, QR code spam, and more:
  • InfoWorld: 5 hot software development specialties: cross-platform mobile, cloud integration and migration, RIA portability, parallel computing:
  • Computerworld: Symantec releases next-gen NetBackup, Backup Exec software; upgrades increase speed and reduce overhead:
  • Gizmodo: The world now buys more smartphones than desktops, laptops, and tablets combined:
  • CRN: Power, environmental concerns driving data center design: