Tech Term of the Week: Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds

By Gotham
Posted in Virtualization
On May 01, 2012

Organizations and consumers considering the benefits of cloud computing have a choice of hosted solutions: public, private, and hybrid clouds.

  • Public Cloud: Services are shared by multiple organizations, organized into virtual pools, and provided to specific customers. These virtual pools hide the fact that the infrastructure is shared among multiple customers. Public clouds tend to be standardized, with little room for customization. Standard security policies are applied across the entire solution, and often cannot be customized for a specific customer. Public clouds are often subscription-based services, based on the number of users per month.
  • Private Cloud: The underlying computing resources are dedicated to a customer. This model is easily scaled as needed, provides a higher level of security, and is often required to satisfy compliance regulations. While a private cloud is more expensive than a public cloud, it typically offers more customization.
  • Hybrid Cloud: A mix of services is split between hosted and on-premise infrastructure.