Unable to Shadow a Virtual Machine from Desktop Director

By Kaysel Adrover
Posted in Virtualization
On May 07, 2013

When trying to run a shadow command from the XenDesktop Desktop Director, I received the following error message:

“Error: Failed to initiate Remote Assistance: You have insufficient permissions (Error Code 102)”

This is the same exact error message and Event Viewer entry addressed in Citrix Article CTX131350.

I will start out by sharing all the Citrix articles I used when trying to resolve this issue. These are good articles, and each piece of the environment should be checked.

The issue was still unresolved even after following all the articles mentioned above.


The Citrix Engineer working my case suggested the following steps, which fixed the problem:

  1. Install a Telnet client on DDC. Telnet to port 3389 from Desktop Delivery Controller (DDC). If it fails, enable the port 3389 and check.
  2. Enter PowerShell command line interface on DDC.
  3. Verify that the Citrix cmdlets are available by entering the following command:

    asnp Citrix*

  4. Enter the following command:

    Set-BrokerSite -TrustRequestsSentToTheXmlServicePort $true

  5. Verify the trusts are set to True by entering the following command:


and look for the line


I hope the above information helps cut down on the amount of time required for you to find a solution.

Kaysel Adrover

Kaysel Adrover

Kaysel has over 10 years’ experience in systems consulting and Citrix operations management. He implements virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions utilizing Provisioning Virtual Server 5.6 farms, XenDesktop 4.0 and XenDesktop 5; integrates XenApp application farms with VDI on XenServer, ESX, and Hyper-V environments, and configures Web Interface and Citrix Profile Management.