VMware Licensing - A Change for the Better

By Entrcb
Posted in Virtualization
On August 24, 2012

VMware recently announced yet another change in their licensing model; and happily it’s a return to socket-based licensing as opposed to the vRAM entitlement model that was adopted in 2011.

Although statements vary as to the reasons for the return to the old model, it seems pretty clear that competition from Microsoft’s new version of Hyper-V was part of the decision; Microsoft was clearly targeting VMware’s licensing schema in their push for Enterprise adoption of their hypervisor platform.

According to sources, VMware will be offering many of their previously separate features in “bundles” with the new licensing; allowing organizations to see the benefit of their Cloud offerings without the same expense as would be incurred under the current licensing plan.

More for less?  All in all it feels like a positive move for VMware!  Stay tuned for more announcements as VMworld draws closer!

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