Was this a Wyse purchase for Dell to enhance its cloud offering?

By Joe Jessen
Posted in Virtualization
On April 02, 2012

Dell today announced its agreement to purchase Wyse Technology, a leader in Thin Client computing to enhance its desktop virtualization offering. The announcement (http://content.dell.com/us/en/corp/d/secure/acq-wyse.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=corp) continues a stream of recent acquisitions and purchases made by Dell that are focused on delivering end-to-end virtualization solutions.

With this purchase, Dell will add a complement of 20 thin client devices and management software to their existing desktop virtualization solutions, which currently includes Citrix's VDI-in-a-Box and XenDesktop. Dell currently OEMs DevonIT thin client devices, and initially we shouldn’t see much change with this relationship; but as the acquisition of Wyse comes to a close we can expect to see a replacement of these with Wyse devices.

In recent years Wyse invested heavily in software. Their PocketCloud provides remote access for mobile devices to connect to physical or virtual desktops over the Internet. PC Extender turns legacy Intel PCs into thin client devices, extending the lifespan of customers’ existing desktop hardware. And most recently, Wyse purchased the Enterprise Mobile Management solution, a cloud-based service to manage mobile devices.

With many acquisitions such as these, customers are often concerned about the future of the products they own or are looking to buy.  Wyse customers should not have much concern at this point. With the completed acquisition over a year away, we do not expect to see reductions in sales, support, or product development.

Dell recently acquired AppAssure (Backup), and SonicWall (Firewall/VPN) and established partnerships with Desktone (Hosted Desktop Services) to provide managed services to its customers. The addition of the Wyse product line will give customers the flexibility to pick and choose the right desktop virtualization device that meets their needs.