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Citrix Webinar - Building a Next Generation Hybrid Cloud

April 30, 2020 1:00 PM

Don't miss the virtual edition of our lunch-and-learn event, Building a Next Generation Hybrid Cloud, where you’ll hear about the latest strategies for managing a hybrid, multi-cloud environment including - cloud native, end-to-end application visibility and new ways to work with Azure, AWS, and Google.

In this live technical session, we’ll focus on how to:

  • Optimize your solutions and partnerships with public cloud providers
  • Extend your existing infrastructure into cloud native environments and microservices
  • Manage your app delivery for multi- cloud architectures with live demos of our latest product update

*Complimentary lunch on Citrix! 200 registrants will be randomly selected to receive a free lunch.

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For more information, contact Shaylin Lutrario at (201) 474-4281

Check Point Webinar: COVID-19 Outbreak: An Adversity or an Opportunity

On Demand

The COVID-19 outbreak has swept the world and countries are scrambling to cope with infections and deaths. How is COVID-19 an adversity for businesses on the cyber security front and an opportunity for cyber criminals?

Watch this on-demand webinar as we show you real-life examples of cyber attacks riding on the waves of COVID-19 and best practices to help you avoid becoming a victim of a COVID-19 themed cyber attack.

To support businesses enable a safe and secure mobile workforce, you are also entitled to complimentary use of selected security solutions. More details will be shared during the webinar.

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For more information, contact Shaylin Lutrario at (201) 474-4281

Illusive Webinar: Discover and Eliminate Cyberattack Pathways to Critical Assets with Attack Surface Manager

On Demand

Nearly all high-impact cyberattacks have a phase in which the attacker must conduct lateral movement from their initial landing point to their ultimate target. For the attacker, the path of least resistance is to leverage a combination of credentials and available connections between one system and another natively available within the network, often referred to as "living off the land."

At the root of this are the challenges inherent in identity access management (IAM) and privilege control. Even organizations that have deployed privileged user management or privileged access management (PAM) tools still struggle with local credentials stored on systems that can be abused.

This webcast - co-presented with SANS - outlines methods for improving the process of monitoring and managing threats as well as how to better control identity access management (IAM) and privileged accounts by utilizing the Illusive Networks Attack Surface Manager (ASM).

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For more information, contact Shaylin Lutrario at (201) 474-4281

Virtual Mixology Class with Pure Storage

Tuesday May 5 4:00 PM

Skip the bar this year for Cinco de Mayo and learn the basics of mixing fun drinks from the comfort of your very own kitchen!

About this Event

This exclusive, expert-led mixology class, conducted over Zoom, focuses on flavor balance and mixology skills, tasking you to build a cocktail in the comfort of their own home. You will learn to make one mixologist select cocktail, but be provided enough ingredients to make two servings. Feel free to bring a spouse/significant other/roommate to join! This virtual event comes with instructions, tips and stories along the way.You will receive all alcohol/ingredients prior to the lesson.

You will receive all alcohol/ingredients prior to the lesson. In order to receive the items, you will need to provide your home mailing address on the registration form. *This will stay confidential* We will need your details by April 27th to ensure it arrives on time, so please register today!

Event Timeline:

· 5-10 minute mixologist intro

· 20-25 minutes of crafting and learning about the cocktail recipe

· 10-15 minutes for mixologist storytelling/Q&A

We are looking forward to spending Cinco de Mayo with you!

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For more information, contact Shaylin Lutrario at (201) 474-4281