With our Fully Managed Solutions, Gotham provides the software subscription and services necessary for turnkey operations of the environment.

Managed Microsoft 365

Service options include:

  1. M365 Exchange Online: provisioning/deprovisioning mailboxes; onboarding documentation; quarterly ticket reviews.
  2. M365 Intune: enrollment of new devices; remote wipe; application management; validation of end points compliance, revision of compliance policies.
  3. M365 Teams Business Voice: management of Teams extensions; provisioning/deprovisioning users; creation/modification of Teams Business Voice policies.

Add-ons include:

  1. Rubrik M365 backup administration: backup, recovery, reporting
  2. Proofpoint Essentials: revisions to Proofpoint policies and access lists; mailbox lifecycle management; support.

Note: Monthly fees for RemoteAdmin for M365 include licensing for M365 (E1-E5; F1-3, M365 Business Premium, Teams Business Voice), Rubrik, and Proofpoint Essentials. Migration to M365 from on-premises messaging systems can be provided as a separate engagement.

Managed Proofpoint Essentials

  • Initial configuration (includes review of existing spam appliance services configuration, connectivity validation, after-hours cutover)
  • Revisions to Proofpoint policies and access lists as necessary
  • Mailbox lifecycle management (licensed/functional mailbox)
  • Support of the Proofpoint Essentials instance

Managed Backup Services

  • Monitor backup logs
  • Restore backups
  • Troubleshoot backup errors
  • Perform integrity testing to validate successful backups
  • Generate monthly licensing usage reports
  • Add/remove/modify clients from protection
  • Modify backup repository as necessary
  • Install patches and firmware

Performance Management as a Service

Performance Management as a Service is a managed data analytics solution for endpoints powered by Lakeside SysTrack, and hosted and managed by Gotham in the cloud. The full suite of Lakeside SysTrack tools are available from a cloud console. This solution is intended for companies with remote work forces who rely on end user computing solutions where good performance is critical to the success of the solution.

Note: includes licensing fees