XenApp Implementation for National Propane Company Supports Growth through Acquisitions

Because this client, a national propane distributor, grows by acquisition, they required a robust desktop/application infrastructure that could be easily deployed to its delivery offices. The infrastructure needed to retain the company’s investment in Wyse, and provide a dynamic platform for their diverse user groups. They wanted to consolidate access, increase security, and have a single, efficient management platform that also gave them a 5 year TCO that fit their budget.

Gotham developed a solution that allowed them to deploy application sets to their users, on new Dell servers, while retaining their Wyse foot print, and supporting desktops and laptops. Most of the hardware and licensing for the project was also acquired through Gotham.

The project was extremely successful. Gotham continues to be a trusted advisor and technology partner on new, updated solutions. We have spoken to their user base at an internal security conference and provide ongoing system monitoring and support services through the GothamWatch program.

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