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Ken is one of Gotham’s founders and its Chief Technology Officer, responsible for all internal and external technology and consulting operations for the firm. A recognized authority on technology and operations, Ken has been widely quoted in the technical press, and is a frequent presenter at various technology conferences. Ken is the Chairman of the Wall Street Thin Client Advisory Council.

By Ken Phelan, Posted in Virtualization

Gotham rolled out this self-assessment at an event this week, and I thought I would share it with our Blog followers. First of all, let me clarify my use of the term DaaS. DaaS does not refer specifically to an outsourced or cloud Desktop. DaaS is your internal desktop offering, offered as a service. This can be delivered via traditional internal methods, cloud methods, or some hybrid. The important inflection to DaaS is that you’re offering your users a Desktop Service. It’s a productization issue. Your... read more.

  • March 17, 2015

By Ken Phelan, Posted in Security

I was out to dinner with my parents the other night and my mother started getting on my case. You know, the way mothers do. “Kenneth.” Yes, I’m a grown man and my mother still calls me Kenneth when she’s angry with me. “I’ve been reading the paper and there are all these security problems all the time. Aren’t you supposed to be fixing this? There must be something you can do to stop it. It seems like quite a problem.” Mothers. How is it that they can bundle up a wonderful compliment (I’m capable... read more.

  • February 25, 2015

By Ken Phelan, Posted in Virtualization

2015 promises to be a challenging year for IT organizations. There are two primary vectors to this challenge: CYBER SECURITY and OPERATIONAL MATURITY. CYBER SECURITY has been a rising concern for the past several years, and 2015 will be no exception. The number and intensity of attacks will continue to rise in 2015. Organizations will be directing both their budgets and their attention to this increasingly dangerous area of their risk portfolio. Here’s a summary of the things they’re doing: COVER THE... read more.

  • January 15, 2015

By Ken Phelan, Posted in Uncategorized

As I get older I find myself using the phrase “Remember When?” more and more often. Remember when candy bars cost a nickel? Remember when kids would just go out and play after school? Remember when you could get hired by a company, work your whole life there, and retire with a pension? As the cyber-attacks mount, I think we’re seeing the emergence of a new “remember when”. Remember when we used to go on the Internet and download code from vaguely anonymous servers that we would run on our per... read more.

  • December 09, 2014

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I was at a Gartner conference a couple of weeks ago where the speaker said something to the effect of: The speed of business applications is going to continue to increase. Where it may have been normal to spend months creating an application that would have a lifespan of years, we now need to spend weeks creating applications that will have a lifespan of months. So far so good, I’m seeing this. As a byproduct of this speed requirement, the business is going to procure, write and deploy its own applicatio... read more.

  • September 16, 2014

By Ken Phelan, Posted in Uncategorized

I’m fresh back from VMware’s Partner Exchange in San Francisco where they continued to flesh out their plan for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). And yes, they’re doing the same thing they do every night. They’re taking over the world. The vision is a good one. Now that we’ve virtualized compute, why can’t we virtualize everything else? And if everything’s virtualized, can’t we code against that abstraction layer and automate everything? How cool would that be? It is cool. As we know though,... read more.

  • February 17, 2014

By Ken Phelan, Posted in Virtualization

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I’m kind of a big deal. Oh, my kids and my dogs don’t really give me much respect. My wife wears the pants at home. I take direction from pretty much everybody at work. But at this stage of my career, I can pretty much have any device or computer I’d like. Tablets, laptops, ultra-books, killer gaming PCs - I’ve had them all and I can have any of them I care to. The other day, I was talking to one of the other senior managers at Gotham who’s got a similar sort of th... read more.

  • March 20, 2013

By Ken Phelan, Posted in Virtualization

For the last few years, IT planning has been a limited endeavor. Since the economic collapse of 2008, IT departments have struggled to simply keep the lights on and reactively deal with new issues as they’ve arisen. This really isn’t a surprise or necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, triage is the best strategy. If you’re bleeding to death, then by all means, bring on the bandages. One of my all-time favorite business books is Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning by Henry Mintzberg. Let me sum up Mr. Mi... read more.

  • January 15, 2013

By Ken Phelan, Posted in Virtualization

I was speaking to someone the other day who told me that they’d leapfrogged the entire BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement by purchasing tablets for all their mobile end users. At first glance, this seemed kind of cool to me. I imagined a whole army of mobile users, smartly dressed, whipping tablets out of fashionable messenger bags to the delight and amazement of the people they were meeting with. I’m a tablet guy. I’ve got a messenger bag. The whole thing just kind of made sense. Maybe that is the wa... read more.

  • December 13, 2012

By Ken Phelan, Posted in Uncategorized

In the New York area we’re continuing to deal with very real and personal impacts of Sandy. The sheer magnitude of the loss is frankly overwhelming. Many lives were lost, thousands of people remain displaced as their homes are either gone or condemned, huge pieces of the local infrastructure are still not functioning, and many local shoreline treasures are potentially damaged beyond repair. At Gotham, we don’t do anything particularly heroic in the face of disasters. We don’t rush into burning buildings... read more.

  • November 20, 2012