This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On January 29, 2021

Monday 1/25

Pure Storage Recognized as a Leader in Enterprise Flash Array Storage Category

Pure is consistently recognized by its customers as this also marks the sixth consecutive year the company has maintained its market-leading NPS score in the top one-percent of Medallia-benchmarked B2B scores while scaling the business.

FireEye releases tool for auditing networks for techniques used by SolarWinds hackers

Together with the report, FireEye researchers have also released a free tool on GitHub named Azure AD Investigator that they say can help companies determine if the SolarWinds hackers (also known as UNC2452) used any of these techniques inside their networks.

Tuesday 1/26

Why Are All My vSphere Hosts Running at 100%?

When the CVM was powered down, this snowballed into the Nutanix cluster shutting down, which brought down another host CVM. The environment was down until we were able to reattach the CVM on the initial host.

Channel Trends and Developments to Watch in 2021 (F5)

As the impact of COVID-19 resounded across the globe, organizations, large and small, looked to technology vendors and their channel partners for help to adapt, innovate, and accelerate new ways ahead.

Prisma Cloud Further Extends Host and Container Security (Palo Alto Networks)

The latest Prisma Cloud enhancements for Cloud Workload Protection allow DevOps teams to continue building and deploying their workloads and applications rapidly, while helping security teams deliver comprehensive protection.

Wednesday 1/27

A new era of employee productivity begins today (Citrix)

With future integrations of Wrike collaborative work management into Citrix Workspace, we will provide a true digital workspace platform that transforms how work gets done.

FortiXDR—Fully Automated Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (Fortinet)

Early adopters show that FortiXDR dramatically reduces the number of alerts to be investigated by 77% or more on average, helping ensure that cyberattacks don’t get “lost in the noise.” And as mentioned, FortiXDR is the only XDR solution augmented with AI across all elements of the detection, investigation, and response process.

Thursday 1/28

IPv6 Security Guide: Do you Have a Blindspot? (Varonis)

But the latest generation of IP will also have profound impacts on network security. IPv4 and IPv6 will co-exist for years to come, but the sooner we start thinking about IPv6 security the better.

Detecting and Preventing Kernel Attacks (CrowdStrike)

For CrowdStrike customers, the latest releases (5.41+) of the CrowdStrike Falcon® sensor have made a number of improvements to help detect and prevent both vulnerable and malicious drivers from being loaded, and secure the vulnerable IOCTLs that those drivers expose.

Friday 1/29

McAfee Transforms Security Operations With Launch of Industry First Proactive XDR for Endpoint, Cloud and Network

With MVISION XDR now available, McAfee is directly improving the SOC experience. By granting analysts greater control and a more comprehensive view of threat context beyond the endpoint, they can save time and act more deliberately with a better understanding of threats – before they occur or incur damage.

Emotet: The world's most dangerous malware botnet was just disrupted by a major police operation

Europol, the FBI, the UK's National Crime Agency and others coordinated action which has resulted investigators taking control of the infrastructure controlling Emotet in one of the most significant disruptions of cyber-criminal operations in recent years.

DDoS attacks: Big rise in threats to overload business networks

However, despite the threats of being knocked offline, organisations are urged to not give into the demands of cyber criminals, so as to not encourage a further rise in ransom-led DDoS attacks.