This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On February 05, 2021

Tuesday 2/2

What’s new with Citrix Workspace – January 2021

We expect to see continued growth in secure, flexible work with a emphasis on maximizing employee experience against a growing number of work variables such as location, device type, device profile, line-of-business (LOB) technology requirements, and more.

IoT Firmware Security: Zero-Day Exploitation & Prevention (Check Point)

Understanding IoT firmware security will help protect against device attacks that target weak networked devices like IP cameras, routers, smart meters, medical equipment, and more.

Wednesday 2/3

How to Ensure Data Privacy and Organizational Security (F5)

With the level of encrypted traffic today, the need to ensure user and consumer data privacy, and the computationally intensive task of decryption and re-encryption, leveraging an existing security solution to pull double-duty to deliver security and decrypt and re-encrypt traffic is a bad idea.

The Challenge of Securing All Network Edges (Fortinet)

When security is not integrated, misconfigured devices go undetected, vulnerabilities are not patched and malicious behavior goes undetected.

Microsoft tracked a system sending a million malware emails a month. Here's what it discovered

The new email infrastructure has predominantly targeted machines in the US, Australia, and the UK in the wholesale distribution, financial services, and healthcare industries.

Thursday 2/4

The beginning of the fourth wave of cloud adoption (F5)

The first wave of cloud saw organisations sprint to the cloud, lured by promises of cost savings and business agility. This was followed by the emergence of the multi-cloud and the subsequent...

SolarWinds Orion Bug Allows Easy Remote-Code Execution and Takeover

These fresh vulnerabilities have not been shown to be used in the spy attack, but admins should nonetheless apply patches as soon as possible.

Friday 2/5

No Matter the Network Growth, you can always have Scalable Security Management on Demand (Check Point)

The large amount of network growth is driving new requirements from security management that needs to be addressed today: scalability, higher traffic rates, and increase responsiveness.

How Hackers Spoof DNS Requests With DNS Cache Poisoning (Varonis)

The hacker wants to trick users into entering their private data into unsafe websites. How will they do this? By poisoning the DNS cache.