This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On February 19, 2021

Monday 2/15

Press #1 to Play: A Look Into eCrime Menu-style Toolkits (Crowdstrike)

The increasing availability of eCrime “syndication” models proliferating Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) programs grew in popularity as a threat vector and is one of the reasons behind the increasing volume of activity, allowing more novice threat actors to capitalize on the advanced skills of criminal malware developers and move from opportunistic breaches to targeted BGH ransomware campaigns.

At the Edge: Why You Need Container-Native Data Storage (Pure Storage)

As well as providing the core storage services and persistent storage, the container-native storage engine should also ensure high availability, durability, and security of data. Each block of data written to any node in the cluster should be automatically replicated to other nodes to ensure high availability.

Tuesday 2/16

The crisis-accelerated digital revolution of work (Citrix)

The digital transformation of knowledge work has been profound for many of those impacted by COVID-19. While the changes have been challenging, many are ultimately welcome and needed in an increasingly distributed and diverse world.

This phishing email promises you a bonus - but actually delivers this Windows trojan malware

Cybersecurity researchers at Fortinet have identified a new variant of Bazar trojan, which has been equipped with anti-analysis techniques to make the malware harder for anti-virus software to detect.

Wednesday 2/17

Pure Storage Beefs Up FlashBlade, FlashArray Lines

All-flash storage technology developer Pure Storage Tuesday updated its Purity storage operating systems for its FlashArray block storage array and FlashBlade file and object storage array with an eye toward increasing the security of data and improving efficiency.

Emerging Mobile Threats and How to Prevent Them (Check Point)

Mobile security today is even more complicated, with an expanded attack surface due to the mass mobilization of the global workforce to the home.

Thursday 2/18

Palo Alto Networks Announces Intent to Acquire Bridgecrew

The proposed acquisition will enable “shift left” security, with Prisma® Cloud becoming the first cloud security platform to deliver security across the full application lifecycle.

DDoS Attacks Wane in Q4 Amid Cryptomining Resurgence

A surge in cryptocurrency costs may have prompted cybercriminals to re-profile some botnets so that the command-and-control (C2) servers typically used in DDoS attacks could repurpose infected devices and use their computing power to mine cryptocurrencies instead.

Friday 2/19

CrowdStrike To Acquire Log Management Startup Humio For $400M

By leveraging Humio, CrowdStrike will help developers, security analysts and IT professionals gain complete observability to explore threats and vulnerabilities and obtain insight from computer-generated data in real time.

Getting Started With Insider Risk Management: 3 Ways to Jump-Start Your Program (Proofpoint)

Insider threats are one of the fastest-growing categories of risk, according to Ponemon Institute. In fact, the frequency of insider incidents has spiked by 47% in just two years. A contributing factor to this steep rise is today’s work-from-everywhere culture, which challenges traditional security perimeter boundaries.