This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On March 19, 2021

Monday 3/15

Fighting Credential Phishing by Isolating and Protecting Your At-Risk Users (Proofpoint)

Protection must start with people, protecting them from advanced threat tactics and arming them with knowledge and tools to help protect the organization.

Who Let the SolarWinds Out?

The ingenuity of the bad actors was on full display as they successfully infiltrated, compromised, and manipulated the SolarWinds software update service. With that manipulation in place, the bad actors had the perfect attack vector for bypassing traditional security controls.

Attackers Won’t Stop With Exchange Server. You Need a New Playbook (Palo Alto Networks)

Use the lessons of these attacks to prepare your infrastructure for the next one. The tools are there now. Deploy them.

Tuesday 3/16

The Rise of the Modern Monolith (F5)

Over time these applications become “modern monoliths.” Irrespective of their underlying architecture, they are a monolith in the characteristics that matter to the business: they are too costly and risky to replace due to extraordinary integration.

Detecting Honeypot Access With Varonis

The goal of the honeypot is to draw attention, so anything that looks like sensitive data or a potential pathway to sensitive data can work.

Wednesday 3/17

St. Joseph’s takes cues from partners to plan for the future of work (Citrix)

During the pandemic, the hospital’s frontline workers continued to work 24 x 7 without deviation. Employees in HR, legal, compliance, and IT, on the other hand, had the flexibility to work from home thanks to the IT team’s foresight. Fasolo estimates that 20% of the workforce transitioned to remote work.

Security in Sweatpants: Embracing Remote Workers via Zero Trust (CrowdStrike)

The work-from-anywhere model has expanded the ways attackers exploit individual users and their credentials to infiltrate organizations.

Thursday 3/18

Votiro Partners with Gotham Technology Group to Expand Access to Positive Selection® Technology

Votiro’s ability to protect organizations from both known and unknown threats makes them an ideal partner. By adding Votiro to our cohort of advanced technology solutions, we will be able to equip our customers with the necessary software to receive, download, and open documents without risk.

The new Citrix Ready Marketplace is here!

Today, there are more than 700 partners in the Citrix Ready Program and more than 6,100 products listed in the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

$4,000 COVID-19 ‘Relief Checks’ Cloak Dridex Malware

The email says, “It is possible to get aid from the federal government of your choice” and then offers “quotes” for a pie-in-the-sky litany of great (and nonexistent) things – such as a $4,000 check, the ability to “skip the queue for vaccination” and free food.

Friday 3/19

Four Trends Shaping the Future of Access Management (CyberArk)

As IT environments evolve, cyber criminals increasingly target identities and more organizations adopt a Zero Trust mindset, security, risk and identity leaders must consider these four trends in totality as they evaluate new Access Management tools and approaches.

Application Security: Why Prevention Beats Remediation (Check Point)

Detection after the fact is an important first step, but now is the time to figure out how much you can understand about the security of your code, and leverage tools, before you deploy and shift the code into your pipeline.