This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On April 09, 2021

Monday 4/5

Driving 2021 security initiatives with Citrix’s cloud-delivered security solution

One of the most compelling reasons for current SD-WAN customers to adopt Citrix Secure Internet Access ties back to the unified approach across networking and security that greatly simplifies operations unlike any other solution on the market.

Supply chain attacks: what we know about the SolarWinds ‘Sunburst’ exploit, and why it still matters (Check Point)

What makes the SolarWinds hack particularly dangerous is that it leveraged cloud-based services to orchestrate a supply-chain attack. Because access to those services was obtained via authentication systems based on already-compromised networks, the attackers were able to breach companies’ defenses without raising any alarms.

Tuesday 4/6

Revelations About Securing Hybrid Cloud Environments Post-SolarWinds (CyberArk)

Since traditional security approaches don’t always translate in cloud environments, there’s a lot of new information and technology to learn but rarely enough time or resources.

Industries critical to COVID-19 response suffer surge in cloud cyberattacks

Chemical manufacturing and science/research organizations, unsurprisingly, became key targets for cyberattackers due to COVID-19.

Wednesday 4/7

FBI, CISA warn Fortinet FortiOS vulnerabilities are being actively exploited

US agencies have warned that advanced persistent threat (APT) groups are exploiting Fortinet FortiOS vulnerabilities to compromise systems belonging to government and commercial entities.

Keeping Up the Pace in Safeguarding Your Networks from Cyberattacks (F5)

Attacks on mobile networks are constant, and as long as there is valuable data to exploit, there will be bad actors seeking to take advantage of any vulnerability.

Thursday 4/8

Are You Prepared For a Supply Chain Attack? Why Supply Chain Risk Management is Essential (Varonis)

Knowing the risks posed to your supply chain is only the start. To effectively manage your supply-chain risk, you need to approach it holistically and comprehensively, looking at internal and external factors.

Data Storage Management Analytics without Compromise (Pure Storage)

No matter where your data platform resides, Pure Storage delivers the reporting and analytics capabilities you need for an effortless and efficient experience.

Friday 4/9

Why Information Protection and Compliance Go Hand in Hand (Proofpoint)

Bringing information protection and compliance tools and programs together can enhance both your security and compliance posture.

Hardening Your Cloud Against SMTP Abuse (CrowdStrike)

Threat intelligence indicates that customer credentials to cloud providers are being sold, and occasionally come with some sort of guaranteed access. These credentials may provide access to a large storage bucket for data theft, a larger-than-default compute limit for launching cryptomining or other attacks, or, as we will discuss in this post, a high daily quota for outbound SMTP mail.