This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On April 16, 2021

Monday 4/12

It’s Time to Take a New Path to SASE (Forcepoint)

With people and data moving everywhere, security has to be agile to keep up. Now, the key issue facing many organizations is how to most effectively provide safe access to corporate resources on the web, in cloud apps and in internal, private apps anywhere, while keeping data safe everywhere.

IcedID Banking Trojan Surges: The New Emotet?

IcedID (a.k.a. BokBot), bears similarities to Emotet in that it’s a modular malware that started life as a banking trojan used to steal financial information. Increasingly though, it’s being used as a dropper for other malware, researchers noted – also just like Emotet.

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Tuesday 4/13

What’s new with Citrix Workspace – March 2021

The new features and capabilities we’re adding to Citrix Workspace are generating more and more value for our customers, making it easier to provide a great employee experience.

BEC Taxonomy: A Proofpoint Framework

Unfortunately, as BEC schemes have evolved, the terms utilized by cybersecurity professionals to explain its tactics and techniques have become ambiguous, conflated with other terminology, and overall misused.

Wednesday 4/14

F5 Collaborates with NVIDIA to Accelerate and Secure Cloud and Edge Computing

F5 and NVIDIA plan to work together with customers on BlueField-2 and BlueField-3 capabilities to deliver solutions that enable businesses to benefit from the offload and acceleration of application security and delivery services at scale.

Cisco Becomes an Official Technology Partner of the National Football League

Cisco will use its industry-leading expertise to jointly develop a Connected League platform with the NFL, unifying the league on a singular foundation of connectivity with greater speed, intelligence, and security.

FBI blasts away web shells on US servers in wake of Exchange vulnerabilities

The Department of Justice revealed on Tuesday that the FBI gained authorisation to remove web shells installed on compromised servers related to the Exchange vulnerabilities.

Thursday 4/15

How Data Storage Drives Analytics Success (Pure Storage)

With the right qualities in a data storage solution, you can equip more people in your organization—from developers to data scientists to generalists—with the modern tools they need to work with big data. And use that data to make better, faster decisions.

6 Simple Remote Work Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (CyberArk)

More than a year later, some people are still struggling to master their mute button — let alone take precautions to protect their digital identities or safeguard work-related information — and attackers have ways of getting even the most security-conscious employees to slip up.

Friday 4/16

Smishing: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Protect Yourself (Arctic Wolf)

By educating yourself on how to identify smishing scams, you can protect yourself and your company from falling victim in the future.

Annual FireEye Mandiant M-Trends Report Reveals Global Statistics and Insights from Hundreds of Diverse Intrusions (FireEye)

Now in its 12th year, M-Trends brings together the best of cybersecurity expertise and threat intelligence with statistics and insights gleaned from recent frontline Mandiant investigations around the globe.

Gafgyt Botnet Lifts DDoS Tricks from Mirai

Gafgyt (a.k.a. Bashlite) is a botnet that was first uncovered in 2014. It targets vulnerable internet of things (IoT) devices like Huawei routers, Realtek routers and ASUS devices, which it then uses to launch large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.