This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On June 25, 2021

Monday 6/21

Getting on Target: Attacker’s Perspective of your Attack Surface

Join Randori and Gotham for a virtual lunch on June 23rd at 12PM

Famous hacker, Aaron Portnoy (featured on the cover of Time magazine), will break down how hacker’s prioritize vulnerabilities on your attack surface. Attendees will receive a $25 Uber Eats gift card, and the opportunity to get a free hacker assessment of your perimeter that includes a custom ShadowIT report.

Our Quest to End Cyber Risk Continues With Arctic Wolf Service Assurance

Arctic Wolf Service Assurance is the cybersecurity industry’s most comprehensive assurance solution. While it doesn’t replace an organization’s need for cyber insurance, it provides up to a million dollars in coverage for financial damages and economic loss in the event of cyberattack.

Network Flow Monitoring Explained: NetFlow vs sFlow vs IPFIX (Varonis)

Flow Monitoring is an indispensable addition to any network engineer’s toolbox, but it’s not the be-all and end-all, especially when it comes to security.

Tuesday 6/22

How to Tighten IoT Security for Healthcare Organization (Check Point)

When it comes to the latest wave of innovative products, powered by always-on, always-connected internet of things (IoT) technology, there are growing concerns that security issues may eventually harm medical institutions or the patients themselves.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud in the Era of Work from Anywhere (Fortinet)

As these pros and cons were weighed—and more rapidly than usual during the months of the pandemic—CISOs realized how important it was to adopt a security posture that transcends the individual cloud offerings and protects their cloud strategy as a whole.

Wednesday 6/23

The path to cloud-centric app-delivery infrastructure modernization (Citrix)

The goal for application-delivery infrastructure, and for networking more broadly, should be to seamlessly support and effectively integrate with application-developer needs and DevOps practices.

Powering 5G Success with Modern Data Storage (Pure Storage)

And while much of the 5G buzz will center around the edge, the impact will be felt everywhere, from edge to core to cloud. Effective solutions will need to span the end-to-end 5G architecture.

Thursday 6/24

Ransomware Readiness Assessment Part 2

Gotham Technology Group has developed a ransomware remediation assessment service that analyzes your current technology state and staff training while making recommendations for fixing problems with the goal of improving your security posture.

Can You Prove Your Next Cyber Investment Addresses the Most Risk? (FireEye)

There are many elements—processes, software, hardware, skill capabilities—to consider when planning for cyber defense. Agencies should seek to understand what’s currently working, ways to align capabilities with mission requirements, the current threat environment, and ways to operate at full skills capabilities despite personnel shortages.

NetApp’s Data Mechanics Buy Latest Move To Optimize Hybrid Cloud

NetApp on Tuesday expanded its cloud capabilities with the acquisition of cloud analytics and big data technology developer Data Mechanics to better optimize the growing use of Apache Spark analytics in conjunction with NetApp’s Ocean Kubernetes DevOps technology and its Spot technology for optimizing cloud compute.

Friday 6/25

A Day in the Life: Visualizing App Service Performance and Security for AppDev and DevOps (F5)

To address complexity, we must drive consistency across environments and ensure that AppDev teams and their counterparts have access to unified, easy-to-use, visibility and insight tools to monitor apps externally, and have network visibility all within a centralized management dashboard.

Ransomware: Now gangs are using virtual machines to disguise their attacks

The motivation behind the tactic is stealth. In order to avoid raising suspicions or triggering antivirus software, the ransomware payload will "hide" within a VM while encrypting files on the host computer.