This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On August 13, 2021

Monday 8/9

Extortion Payments Hit New Records as Ransomware Crisis Intensifies (Palo Alto Networks)

The ransomware crisis continues to intensify as criminal enterprises boost investment in highly profitable ransomware operations.

CISA Launches New Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

CISA is establishing the JCDC to integrate unique cyber capabilities across multiple federal agencies, many state and local governments, and countless private sector entities to achieve shared objectives.

Tuesday 8/10

Reduce Cloud Compliance Risk with Least Privilege (CyberArk)

An attacker controlling an identity with excessive permissions can steal or reach sensitive information easily, often without detection. Because of this — and regardless of your organization’s industry or geographic location — one thing regulatory bodies, industry frameworks and public cloud service providers all emphasize is the need for least privilege enforcement.

IGEL OS + Windows 365 – The Perfect Match

By using a small, simple, and secure OS on a USB key (UD Pocket), IGEL’s edge OS solution, combined with IGEL’s universal management suite, ensures just-in-time secure access to Windows 365; without the management and security overhead of running Windows twice (on your device and Windows 365).

Wednesday 8/11

Fortinet Expands Security Services Offerings and Introduces FortiTrust

With a user-based subscription model, FortiTrust offers a comprehensive, flexible set of security services that use cloud and network-based resources. Although delivering the use case may involve device agents, hardware appliances, and cloud services, the use case is implemented through the single license.

What Can You Do with Unstructured Data? (Pure Storage)

From text mining and call center data to advanced analytics and business intelligence, the possibilities of gathering and analyzing unstructured data are powerful. But the right underlying infrastructure is critical to success.

1M Stolen Credit Cards Hit Dark Web for Free

Threat actors have leaked 1 million stolen credit cards for free online as a way to promote a fairly new and increasingly popular cybercriminal site dedicated to…selling payment-card credentials.

Thursday 8/12

July 2021’s Most Wanted Malware: Snake Keylogger Enters Top 10 for First Time (Check Point)

Our latest Global Threat Index for July 2021 has revealed that while Trickbot is still the most prevalent malware, Snake Keylogger, which was first detected in November 2020, has surged into second place following an intense phishing campaign.

2021 SaaS Risk Report Reveals 44% of Cloud Privileges are Misconfigured (Varonis)

If you’re not watching closely, users can silently copy, delete or expose your mission-critical data to just about anyone. And that data can be anything from your Salesforce customer list, your source code in GitHub, and your documents in Box and Google Drive.

Friday 8/13

Making The Hybrid Workplace Work (F5)

Inevitably, it will take time to acclimatise to hybrid working, just as it did for the fully remote arrangements of the last 18 months. To make it work, we will do everything possible to marry the flexibility of remote working with the cultural and developmental benefits of being on-site.

Ransomware: Now attackers are exploiting Windows PrintNightmare vulnerabilities

"The use of the vulnerability known as PrintNightmare shows that adversaries are paying close attention and will quickly incorporate new tools that they find useful for various purposes during their attacks," Cisco Talos researchers wrote in a blog post.