This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On August 23, 2021

Monday 8/16

Breaking Down STEM Perception Barriers and Tackling a Career in Cybersecurity (Fortinet)

Fortinet profiles two women in cybersecurity, cybersecurity career interns Taylor Leslie and Claire Smerdon, who speak about what interested them about a STEM career in cybersecurity, what obstacles they have faced, and what they think we can do to help break down perception barriers.

What to Do After Responding to a Phishing Email (Proofpoint)

Phishing emails can target anyone within an organization. So, it’s critical to establish best practices that all users can apply.

Microsoft Aims To Improve Teams Streaming With Peer5 Acquisition

Microsoft has acquired Peer5, a company that provides live video streaming, to deliver “secure, high-quality, large-scale live video streaming with optimized network performance” in its collaboration app Teams.

Tuesday 8/17

Mandiant Discloses Critical Vulnerability Affecting Millions of IoT Devices (FireEye)

This vulnerability, discovered by researchers on Mandiant’s Red Team in late 2020, would enable adversaries to remotely compromise victim IoT devices, resulting in the ability to listen to live audio, watch real time video data, and compromise device credentials for further attacks based on exposed device functionality.

Keep Your Tools Patched: Preventing Remote Code Execution with Falcon Complete (CrowdStrike)

In this blog, we describe a recent incident that highlights the CrowdStrike Falcon Complete™ managed detection and response team’s ability to act as an extension of our customer’s security team to quickly detect, triage and contain an active attacker before they were able to complete their goal.

Wednesday 8/18

Hybrid Work is Driving a Shift to Identity-Centric Security (F5)

The implementation details of a hybrid work model aren't as important as the result: there will be employees working from home and from the office every day of the week. Hybrid work is the new default.

This ransomware has returned with new techniques to make attacks more effective

LockBit ransomware has been around since 2019, but those behind it are adding new features and aggressively advertising to attract new cyber criminal affiliates.

Thursday 8/19

Living Off the Land Ransomware Attacks: A Step-By-Step Plan for Playing Defense (CyberArk)

To linger in systems and “live off the land” without detection, fileless malware often poses as a trusted tool with high privileges and access — such as legitimate tools used by system administrators to automate tasks and manage configurations.

Ultimate Ransomware Guide: Types and Definitions of Ransomware Attacks (Varonis)

Ransomware can take a variety of shapes and forms, not to mention that attackers are constantly evolving and adapting over time. Organizations need to be well-informed about various types of ransomware to put the proper safeguards in place.

Friday 8/20

Bringing security up to speed for the work-from-anywhere age (Citrix)

Zero trust doesn’t mean that businesses no longer trust their employees. Rather, that they cannot, and should not, have blind faith in the technological context from which employees are accessing sensitive resources.

All Systems Go: Gain Insight on How to Swiftly Respond to a Cyberattack (Arctic Wolf)

Today’s organizations are constantly under fire from threat actors, and successful cyberattacks and breaches are more commonplace than ever before. They occur so often, in fact, they no longer make headlines.