This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On September 10, 2021

Monday 8/30

What’s new with Citrix Workspace – August 2021

Recently, our teams have added new features and solutions associated with some of our most popular services. These are designed to improve the hybrid experience. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s new with Citrix Workspace for August.

Pandemic-Related Email Scams Are on the Rise (Proofpoint)

As vaccines became widely available in the spring and early summer, COVID concerns dwindled dramatically. Correspondingly, so did COVID-themed phishing attempts. As Delta took root in the U.S. in late June, pandemic-related phishing attacks jumped 33 percent.

Tuesday 8/31

Study Reveals Challenges & Opportunities for Secure Hybrid Workforce (Palo Alto Networks)

The goal was to understand the impact the immediate shift to remote work had on network security infrastructure, and how the experience affected hybrid workforce network security strategies with the realization that work is an activity, not a place.

NTLM Keeps Haunting Microsoft (CrowdStrike)

These vulnerabilities are bad on their own, but their combination can be devastating: If a network is not protected, the combination can allow an attacker with network access alone to achieve full domain admin privileges.

Wednesday 9/1

How to Improve Data Compliance with Smarter Storage (Pure Storage)

Privacy compliance is more complicated than ever in large part due to digital transformation and big data analytics. The pervasiveness of technology in daily life has created a complicated relationship with personal data.

How SecOps Teams Can Combat Threats with the Fortinet Security Fabric (Fortinet)

According to the latest Global Threat Landscape report from FortiGuard Labs, ransomware has increased more than tenfold in the last year. Many SecOps teams are already exhausted dealing with an overwhelming number of alerts, but attacks are not letting up anytime soon.

Thursday 9/2

Preventing Multi-Stage Attacks – Case in Point (Check Point)

By analyzing the dropper file action from the beginning and letting it download the second stage dropper file which is malicious, our Threat Emulation discovered the attack and prevented it before it breached the network.

A Powerful Duo for Recovery and Ransomware Mitigation (Pure Storage)

Together, FlashArray and Veeam create an unbeatable combination that is simple, powerful, and robust enough to withstand the data protection challenges impacting today’s modern data center.

PCI DSS and CSA Announcement

On August 5, 2021, the PCI DSS Council and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) issued a joint statement on the importance of cloud scoping. The press release includes statements from Troy Leach Senior Vice President, Market Intelligence and Industry Engagement, PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and Jim Reavis, CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

Ransomware Awareness for Holidays and Weekends

While the FBI and CISA do not currently have any specific threat reporting indicating a cyberattack will occur over the upcoming Labor Day holiday, cyber actors have conducted increasingly impactful attacks against U.S. entities on or around holiday weekends over the last several months.

Wednesday 9/8

Small Business Security Guidelines from the PCI SSC

The PCI Council has published a series of blogs on payment data security as part of their task force for small merchants. While this information focuses on payment data, it represents security best practices applicable to all.

Secure your data with new malware threat detection in Citrix ShareFile

With Citrix, you can protect data from attack without sacrificing productivity. Our technology enables frictionless, secure access to content for users, as well as visibility and flexibility to help admins take appropriate steps to secure the organization’s digital assets.

What the Biggest and Boldest Insider Threat Incidents Can Teach Us (Proofpoint)

It’s critical for organizations to have a robust Insider Threat Management program that allows them to monitor how data moves so they can prevent data loss. After all, data doesn’t move by itself; people move data. And people are the greatest risk to any organization.

Thursday 9/9

2021 Threat Hunting Report: OverWatch Once Again Leaves Adversaries with Nowhere to Hide (CrowdStrike)

The OverWatch team has seen attempted interactive intrusion activity continue at record levels. Both eCrime and targeted intrusion adversaries have continued to evolve and mature their tradecraft, finding new ways to evade technology-based defenses.

Modernizing Critical Infrastructure Requires Security Transformation (Palo Alto Networks)

It is imperative that owner-operators do not let the CI transformation efforts proceed uncoupled from cybersecurity. The risk that comes with letting these new attack-surfaces go unchecked is too high.

Friday 9/10

How Security Automation Can Mitigate the Risk in Cybersecurity (F5)

Today’s financial services are more open to external partners due to consumer demand, but many are concerned about growing cybersecurity challenges. Consequently, a traditional isolated approach in banking and financial services is still critical.

August 2021’s Most Wanted Malware: Formbook Climbs into First Place (Check Point)

Our latest Global Threat Index for August 2021 has revealed that Formbook is now the most prevalent malware, taking over Trickbot, which has fallen into second following a three-month long reign.