This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On November 12, 2021

Monday 11/8

Reporting Phishing Simulations: The Essential Metric to Measure in Phishing Awareness (Proofpoint)

Adding information about the reporting rate of simulations is a better way to understand user behavior change, than looking at the failure rate alone. The reporting rate demonstrates that users are “doing the good” and helping to secure the organization.

Client vs. Clientless Zero Trust Network Access (Fortinet)

Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) is the next evolution of VPN remote access. It simplifies secure connectivity, providing seamless access to applications no matter where the user or the application may be located.

Tuesday 11/9

How Citrix simplifies system complexity and strengthens IT security

Citrix Secure Private Access provides instant single sign-on (SSO) access to SaaS and web applications, granular and adaptive security policies, app protection policies, and web browser isolation in a cloud-delivered zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution.

Transit Gateway Flexibility in Multi-Cloud Networking (F5)

F5 Volterra extends the concept of multi-tiered hub-and-spoke networking to the global level, effectively functioning as a multi-cloud transit gateway to connect public and private clouds.

Wednesday 11/10

Connected Cloud with FlashBlade and Microsoft Azure HPC for EDA Workloads (Pure Storage)

In this first-ever validated solution, Pure Storage® has partnered with Microsoft to deliver a flexible way to leverage connected-cloud architecture for electronic device automation (EDA) workloads.

Deep Dive into a Fresh Variant of Snake Keylogger Malware (Fortinet)

Snake Keylogger is a malware developed using .NET. It first appeared in late 2020 and focused on stealing sensitive information from a victim’s device, including saved credentials, the victim’s keystrokes, screenshots of the victim’s screen, and clipboard data.

Thursday 11/11

October 2021’s Most Wanted Malware: Trickbot Takes Top Spot for Fifth Time (Check Point)

Our latest Global Threat Index for October 2021 reveals that the modular botnet and banking trojan, Trickbot, remains at the top of the most prevalent malware list.

Cloud Applications Put Your Data At Risk — Here’s How To Regain Control (Varonis)

Defending against attacks on your data in the cloud demands a different approach. It’s time for cybersecurity to focus relentlessly on protecting data.

Friday 11/12

Mitigate Data Loss with Rubrik File-Level Recovery for Microsoft Azure

With the introduction of file-level recovery for Microsoft Azure VMs, Rubrik continues to deliver functionality to its SaaS-based platform as the control plane for data protection.

Tiny Font Size Fools Email Filters in BEC Phishing

A new business email compromise (BEC) campaign targeting Microsoft 365 users is using a range of sophisticated obfuscation tactics within phishing emails that can fool natural language processing filters and are undetectable to end users.