This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On December 10, 2021

Monday 12/6

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security streamlines operational efficiency with as-a-Service solution on AWS

Check Point is honored and excited to take cloud security innovation to the next level through its integration with AWS Gateway Load Balancer and AWS Managed Gateway Endpoints.

Password-stealing and keylogging malware is being spread through fake downloads

Cybersecurity researchers disclose a newly discovered campaign that users custom malware to steal usernames, passwords and other sensitive information from victims.

Tuesday 12/7

Work 2022: Rewriting the rules for work (Citrix)

The great unplanned work from home experiment has advanced thinking on workforce strategies, work models, and business models by decades. And we’re about to see a massive explosion in innovation because of it.

Understanding the Attack Chain Helps to Counter Threats (Fortinet)

Effectively defending against cyberattacks today requires security teams to work smarter rather than harder. Cybercriminal strategies target every link in an attack chain, from gathering information and gaining access, to moving laterally across the network to discover resources to target, to evading detection while exfiltrating data.

Wednesday 12/8

SAN vs. NAS vs. DAS: What’s the Difference? (Pure Storage)

The best solution for you will come down to the amount of storage capacity you need, your budget, and your backup and disaster recovery requirements.

Cybersecurity Trends for 2022: The Roots of Attacker Innovation (CyberArk)

As we reflect on 2021, adversaries continued to refine their methods to work smarter and move faster to scale attacks, extend deeper into supply chains and cause greater damage.

Thursday 12/9

Bridging the Gap Between Multi-Cloud and Multiple Clouds for the Public Sector (F5)

Even though the adoption of multi-cloud strategies in the public sector space is growing, there remains a gap in effective solutions that address the many challenges faced by the agencies executing on them.

What is an APT?: Advanced Persistent Threat Overview (Varonis)

An advanced persistent threat or APT is an attacker that lurks within your environment for an extended period of time, drops malware and other malicious software in your environment, and exfiltrates valuable data.

Friday 12/10

How Proofpoint Helps Organizations Maintain AWS Security and Compliance

Even though cloud platforms are generally secure, cloud risks are rising as more cyber criminals shift their focus from the traditional network perimeter and set their sights on compromising people and the data, systems and resources they access.

This decade-old malware has picked up some nasty new tricks

Qakbot, a top trojan for stealing bank credentials, has in the past year started delivering ransomware and this new business model is making it harder for network defenders to detect what is and isn't a Qakbot attack.