This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On January 14, 2022

Monday 1/10

What’s new with Citrix Workspace

At Citrix, we continue to modernize workflows in our portfolio of product solutions to ensure customers receive a great digital experience regardless of device, location, time, or network.

Check Point Research: Cyber Attacks Increased 50% Year over Year

Check Point Research (CPR) today reports that from mid-2020 throughout 2021, there has been an upwards trend in the number of cyber-attacks. This trend reached an all-time high at the end of the year, peaking to 925 cyber attacks a week per organization, globally.

Tuesday 1/11

Proofpoint Buys AI-Powered Data Protection Startup Dathena

The Dathena acquisition will allow Proofpoint to fully migrate customers of legacy DLP suites with data at rest requirements as well as extend its existing integration with Microsoft Information Protection.

Zero Trust: Past, Present, and Future (Okta)

The Zero Trust concept was designed with the following assumption: “never trust, always verify.” This model replaces the implicit trust once inferred from static location information with explicit trust criteria based on dynamic, contextual data.

Wednesday 1/12

14 Years of Innovation at Palo Alto Networks

What’s amazing is that today, we still have the same spirit and culture. So what’s next? More innovation that drives better security outcomes, that’s for sure. Here’s to another 10+ years.

TellYouThePass Ransomware Analysis Reveals a Modern Reinterpretation Using Golang (CrowdStrike)

Previously known TellYouThePass ransomware samples were written in traditional programming languages like Java or .Net., but two new recent samples reported in public repositories have been rewritten and compiled in Golang.

Thursday 1/13

How to Mitigate Log4j Today and Stop Future Exploits (F5)

If you haven’t done so already, the first order of business any organization should do to mitigate Log4j is PATCH! Patch servers running Log4j. Patch software using libraries that run Log4j. Just PATCH and keep patching!

Proactive Cybersecurity: How to Stay Ahead of Today's Threats (Arctic Wolf)

What organizations need is a proactive approach that reduces the likelihood of attacks. Just like preventative maintenance keeps your car running more effectively and saves on overall repair costs—or preventative medicine keeps your body healthier and helps you avoid budget-busting healthcare bills—a proactive security strategy seeks out ways to eliminate gaps and vulnerabilities that attackers could otherwise exploit.

Friday 1/14

CrowdStrike Expands Zero Trust Support to macOS and Linux for Cross-Platform Protection; Grows Partner Integrations to Accelerate Customers’ Zero Trust Journey

CrowdStrike announced the availability of CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) support for macOS and Linux platforms, extending comprehensive protection with an identity and data-centric approach across all platforms.

Data Tiering in Azure Blob Storage with Fpsync and FlashBlade (Pure Storage)

While array-level replication can be used to move data from the Equinix-hosted FlashBlade into the local data center, host-based tools like fpsync can be useful to move data from an NFS share on FlashBlade to blob storage in Azure.