This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On June 03, 2022

Monday 5/23

2022 Cloud Security Report (Fortinet)

The 2022 Cloud Security Report reveals how security executives and practitioners are using the cloud, how their organizations are responding to security threats in the cloud, and the challenges they are facing. Let’s look at some of the highlights from this year’s report.

ABAC vs. RBAC: What’s the Difference? (Citrix)

These types of access control models determine authorization based on who the user is and what resources they’re trying to access — but there are some key differences.

Gotham Technology Group would like to welcome Quinn McGinley to our growing Outside Sales team. Quinn will help us meet the increased market demand for IT, security, and infrastructure services. We are excited to have you join us!

Tuesday 5/24

Balancing Risk and Innovation: Security’s Mission Impossible? (F5)

Today, security must fulfill multiple roles: as an enabler of digital transformation, a steward of customer trust, and a bulwark of organizational reputation. And it’s your responsibility to ensure that everyone in the company understands the security organization’s central role in business success.

Ransomware and Data Loss Prevention: Shifting from Detection to Prevention (Proofpoint)

Ransomware is much more sophisticated, targeted and far-reaching. Rather than forcing their way in, cyber criminals will target users looking to compromise their credentials, trick them into making a mistake or convince them to launch a malicious attack against their employer.

Wednesday 5/25

Microsoft is making virtual developer workstations available in the cloud via Dev Box

Microsoft Dev Box will allow developers to spin up a virtual machine that will be preconfigured automatically in the cloud without first setting up physical workstations before working on a project.

Ransomware’s Latest Targets and How to Protect Yourself (Pure Storage)

Ransomware attacks are increasing rapidly both in frequency and level of sophistication. Find out what the latest targets are and tactics you can use to protect yourself.

Thursday 5/26

Why ZTNA 1.0’s Allow-and-Ignore Model Is a Recipe for Disaster (Palo Alto Networks)

The agent no longer is in the picture, and the user is now given complete access to whatever is within that application without any additional monitoring from the security system. This dynamic is known as the “allow and ignore” model.

AD-Joined: Okta Advanced Server Access Offers New Flexibility

Okta Advanced Server Access (ASA) enables organizations to securely manage privileged access to critical infrastructure resources—including Linux and Windows servers—by automating the configuration of users, groups, and policies, at any scale, through the Okta Identity Cloud.

Wednesday 6/1

VDI best practices and tips to support remote work (Citrix)

VDI has become highly important in the era of hybrid work. To make the most of each benefit a VDI implementation offers, it’s essential to consider several best practices for successful deployment.

Cohesity Helios Integrates with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR to Help AI-Powered Ransomware Detection and Recovery (Cohesity & Palo Alto Networks)

A key factor in defeating cyber attacks such as ransomware is how quickly the attack can be recognized and remediation steps initiated. This integration provides detailed automatic alerts when the AI-powered Helios platform detects anomalies in the backup data that could indicate an emerging attack.

Thursday 6/2

Why ZTNA in the Cloud Isn't Enough (Fortinet)

The need to secure access any time and from virtually any place means ZTNA has become crucial to nearly every security strategy. A comprehensive zero-trust implementation needs to cover everything and everyone, no matter where they're located.

From Manual to Managed: The Changing Face of Data Loss Prevention (Proofpoint)

In a world of increasingly targeted attacks, one thing remains the same: Attackers target people. Their techniques have evolved, making protecting your people, your data and how it’s accessed more critical than ever.

Friday 6/3

F5 Labs Shows Evolving Threat Landscape in Latest Application Protection Report (F5)

The report synthesizes data from several disparate sources to understand the evolution of the threat landscape over time, the relationship between organizations’ characteristics and the attack techniques they face, and—most importantly—what security practitioners can do to mitigate the risks.

Is Your Enterprise Ready for a Container Strategy? (Pure Storage)

To go cloud-native and truly modernize your IT organization, you’ll also want to embrace containers. But is your infrastructure ready?