This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On June 10, 2022

Monday 6/6

Brute-Force Attacks: How to Defend Against Them (Arctic Wolf)

When you hear the words “brute force," subtlety is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, classic brute-force cyber attacks use the most straightforward tactics—trial and error—to gain entry into a protected system.

State of Application Strategy 2022: Security Shifts to Identity (F5)

But it’s not just that identity and access have risen to become the most deployed technologies. There is ample evidence throughout our research that points to a significant shift toward identity-based security.

Tuesday 6/7

Gotham Technology Group is pleased to announce that, for the second time, we’ve been named Login VSI’s North America Partner of the Year! We’re excited to see what the future of our partnership with Login VSI has in store.

Detecting Poisoned Python Packages: CTX and PHPass (CrowdStrike)

The increased adoption of cloud, container and CI/CD pipelines to build and deploy code has expanded the modern enterprise’s attack surface and increased the complexity of defending it from attack.

Actionable Insights: Reduce Your Organization’s “People Risk” Through Targeted Controls (Proofpoint)

Access to Actionable Insights can help your team transform into a more proactive force by focusing on targeted controls that will create the most value for your organization.

Wednesday 6/8

Fortinet Receives Highest Rating (AAA) from CyberRatings in Cloud Network Firewall Third-Party Test (Fortinet)

In the first-ever third-party testing of cloud network firewalls, Fortinet FortiGate-VM earned the highest possible rating of AAA in all five categories of a test by CyberRatings, an independent, nonprofit member organization that provides transparency and expert guidance on cybersecurity risks via research and testing programs.

What is Data Governance? Framework and Best Practices (Varonis)

Data governance is a must in today's dynamic and ever-changing enterprise environment. Businesses today capture massive amounts of data from a variety of sources, and data governance helps organizations manage risk, maximize value, and reduce costs.

Thursday 6/9

Simplify, bolster app security with new Citrix features (Citrix)

Citrix is sharing new features that will make it easier for customers to secure their valuable apps, data, and infrastructure.

Pure Storage Evergreen Subscription Separates Hardware, Software (Pure Storage)

Evergreen now allows spare capacity to be shared across a fleet of storage devices to let customers access capacity where needed without having to purchase more.

Friday 6/10

Consistent Data Protection Requires a New Approach to Securing Access (Palo Alto Networks)

Pursuing a true Zero Trust posture is a journey, and protecting data consistently, regardless of where it’s located or accessed from, is an important step. That’s why consistent control of data across all apps used in the enterprise, including private apps and SaaS, is a core pillar of ZTNA 2.0.

May 2022’s Most Wanted Malware: Snake Keylogger returns to the index in eighth place following email campaigns delivering the malware via PDF files (Check Point)

Our Global Threat Index for May 2022 reveals that Emotet, an advanced, self-propagating and modular Trojan, is still the most prevalent malware impacting 8% of organizations worldwide, a slight increase from last month as a result of multiple widespread campaigns.