This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On July 25, 2022

Monday 7/11

Wide Open Outbound Firewall Policy – Part 2

A loose outbound Internet policy may only become visible after a firm is affected by a ransomware event. Until then, it is too easy for firewall administrators to overlook the weakness of the loose outbound Internet policy.

Data Privacy Requires Protection against Credential Stuffing (F5)

Credential stuffing is a cybercrime whereby criminals test stolen credentials against websites in order to take over accounts. Criminals perform these attacks on a vast scale using automated tools referred to as bots.

The Top Cyber Attacks of June 2022 (Arctic Wolf)

While hacks and breaches appear to be an unfortunate reality for most organizations for the foreseeable future, taking the proactive effort to shore up your networks and systems against incoming attacks is preferable to the headaches that come in their wake.

Tuesday 7/12

Let’s collaborate with Citrix ShareFile and Microsoft 365 (Citrix)

Microsoft 365 integrates with Citrix ShareFile to enable users to collaborate within the context of where they work. Whether they’re in the ShareFile UI, the Citrix Files app, or Microsoft Teams app, users can create, share, and collaborate.

Understanding the Serverless Framework and Event-Driven Architecture (Proofpoint)

What if a developer doesn’t want to think about managing and maintaining servers at all? This is what serverless architecture allows—the developer can focus on the code, while the cloud provider handles the rest. The provisioning, managing, scaling up and scaling down of resources is out of the developer’s hands.

Wednesday 7/13

We would like to welcome Technical Specialist, Chris Hahn, to Gotham Technology Group. Working with our excellent Professional Services team, Chris will help us meet the growing industry demand for virtualization and IT services.

Callback Malware Campaigns Impersonate CrowdStrike and Other Cybersecurity Companies (CrowdStrike)

The callback campaign employs emails that appear to originate from prominent security companies; the message claims the security company identified a potential compromise in the recipient’s network.

Cloud Data Security Challenges, Part 2: Reducing Complexity (Pure Storage)

Whether public, private, or hybrid, the mass migration of workloads to the cloud, while potentially starting to slow down from its breakneck pace, has introduced new levels of complexity to application deployment and data protection.

Thursday 7/14

4 Ways Your Passive Backups Can Drive Active Cyber Defense (Rubrik)

With strong backing by organized crime syndicates and nation states, many cyber crime operations look a lot like any other established business, complete with org charts, marketing teams and HR departments.

What Is Network Access Control? Explaining NAC Solutions (Varonis)

NAC solutions have become a valuable tool in enhancing network security, serving to address the increase in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as helping to mitigate advanced zero-day threats, segment production, and guest traffic, simplify the provisioning of devices like VoIP phones and more.

Wednesday 7/20

Announcing Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365 (Citrix)

Citrix and Windows 365 users can take advantage of years of innovation bringing graphics, audio, and collaboration tools to life on any device with incredible performance.

The Five Pillars of Cloud Security (Arctic Wolf)

Companies cannot simply rely on their cloud providers to deal with security. Organizations need to understand their responsibilities for cloud security, the unique security strategies that come with the cloud, and the steps they should take to ensure they have the most secure environment possible.

Friday 7/22


ICYMI: On July 21, 2022, Gotham CTO, Ken Phelan, was joined by CyberArk's Sr. Director, Global Technology Office, Chris Maroun, to discuss Privileged Access.
Click the link below for the full video.

Passwordless vs. MFA: What's the Difference? (HYPR)

To implement best practices and reduce risk, decision-makers need to cut through the jargon to find the system that will give them the best protection and ROI.

The Commodification of Cloud (F5)

Cloud’s introduction of differentiated services… was the first indication that cloud was entering a stage of standardization, as the value was no longer in the compute, but in the app security and delivery services one could access with ease.