This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On September 02, 2022

Monday 8/22

Citrix Features Explained: Improving end-user security with Citrix Secure Private Access (Citrix)

Citrix Secure Private Access was created to balance security and user experience, delivering robust, adaptive, and VPN-less security without interfering with the preferred workflows of hybrid employees.

Escaping Ransomware Jail: Protection Before, During, and After an Attack (Pure Storage)

Ransomware isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s “not if but when.” Your organization needs to prepare for cyberattacks—and stay ready. The resilience you’ll gain from a modern, simpler, and more robust and reliable approach to data protection can be a powerful antidote to ransomware disruption.

Tuesday 8/23

Don’t Fall for MFA Fatigue or Next-Level Phishing Attacks (CyberArk)

Effective anti-phishing protection should involve both technical and human elements of security, assume that rogue clicks are inevitable, and focus on catching threats quickly before they become bigger phish to fry.

New Research Shows Organizations Struggle to Protect Against Cloud and Web Threats (Proofpoint)

The main source of risks to security is—and always will be—the users of the enterprise IT systems. As a result, technology that helps protect a user from their own mistakes is critical to any organization using cloud technology.

Wednesday 8/24


Is your team overwhelmed by the size and complexity of your cybersecurity stack? They’re not alone. Learn how Gotham’s Cybersecurity Stack Assessment works with your IT and business units to bring security gaps, posture, and future direction into focus — with detailed analysis, experience, and insight — so you can strengthen your security from the inside out. #cybersecurity #Citrix #GothamTG

What’s the Worst-case Scenario for a Ransomware Attack? (Pure Storage)

Ransomware attacks are increasing every year. Understanding the worst-case scenario that could play out and having a plan for it can help you mitigate the effects if it happens.

What is a Spoofing Attack and How Can You Prevent Them? (Arctic Wolf)

Given the diversity of spoofing attacks, anti-spoofing efforts should cover a broad range of tools and technology.

Thursday 8/25

The Zero Trust Journey for Federal Agencies: The Next Phase (Palo Alto Networks)

While first-generation ZTNA solutions have helped agencies to modernize their access infrastructure, they have serious limitations. The key issue is that once a user passes the initial authentication hurdle of a first-gen ZTNA solution, they’re essentially free to roam anywhere inside an organization’s network.

Ransomware: Most attacks exploit these common cybersecurity mistakes - so fix them now, warns Microsoft

Over 80% of ransomware incidents can be traced back to misconfigured cloud services, untested security tools, and the enablement of macros.

Friday 8/26

Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance: Why AI and ML Matter in People and Data Protection (Proofpoint)

Through hundreds of detection scenarios with proprietary confidence-scoring models, Proofpoint has helped existing customers to analyze data and reduce false positives by up to 84%. The efficacy of our AI and ML capabilities allows our customers to detect regulatory flags quickly and stay on top of emerging organizational risks, so they don’t become significant issues.

Anatomy of a Solidbit Ransomware Attack (Varonis)

Appearing as a relatively new ransomware threat, only active since roughly July 2022, the root of SolidBit can be traced to a family of ransomware builders that have been through a number of iterations and name changes since being first observed in June 2021.

Thursday 9/1

What to know about zero trust architectures (Citrix)

With their flexibility and scalability, zero trust architectures help keep enterprise workers and enterprise data safe by eliminating implicit trust and giving employees “just-enough” access based on contextual factors such as user identity, location, specific applications, and security of the endpoint.

LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Learns from Defenders, Launches Bug Bounty Program, Begs “Hack Me” (CyberArk)

The highly organized LockBit group continues to innovate and uplevel its operations, joining forces with other ransomware gangs, promoting underground hackathons to attract new talent, and even recruiting corporate insiders to help establish initial access into their employers’ networks.

Friday 9/2

SOC 2 Compliance Definition & Checklist (Varonis)

Although SOC 2 compliance isn’t mandatory, customers often require it from organizations they work with, especially for cloud-based services, to ensure their data is protected.

Key Fundamentals for Protecting Operational Technology Using Segmentation (Fortinet)

Porous perimeters, distributed applications, and security gaps resulting from rapidly evolving and expanding infrastructures expose the vulnerabilities of most critical infrastructures—including difficult-to-secure systems and implicit trust models of resource access—to highly motivated cybercriminals.