This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On October 14, 2022

Monday 10/10

You’ve Enabled MFA — Great! This Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Focus on How and Where It’s Used (CyberArk)

Thanks to repeated front-page news coverage, MFA fatigue attacks are likely high on your radar. For these, threat actors employ various digital and voice-based phishing techniques to steal credentials and then send repeated MFA push requests to a target’s mobile device to successfully dupe employees and third-party vendors.

Ransomware-as-a-Service is Fueling the Threat Landscape. Here’s What to Do About It. (Fortinet)

Ransomware-as-a-Service programs are unique in eliminating the need for attackers to write their own malicious code. This allows even inexperienced cybercriminals to successfully target people, businesses, and other organizations for a quick payday.

Tuesday 10/11

Uncommon Approaches to Address Common Regulatory Compliance Issues (Proofpoint)

Proofpoint offers an open platform that not only supports native integration capturing popular digital communication channels, but also API integration with partner solutions for other channels.

Ransomware in numbers: How 2,500 potential targets turns into one actual attack

Ransomware-as-a-Service has forced Microsoft to look at attacks differently. It's not one actor, but many, meaning that identifying the ransomware family itself doesn't give defenders the full picture of threats on the network.

Wednesday 10/12

If you think ransomware attacks come from stealth basement operators – then think again. (Cybersixgill)

Today’s ransomware groups operate like legitimate businesses; they just do it for illegitimate purposes. To provide an efficient defense against ransomware and malware attacks, we must first reject the idea that we are dealing with one person trying to hack into one computer system.

What’s NEXT with Citrix and Google Cloud (Citrix)

With so many releases of purpose-built products and features over the past year, it might have been easy to miss some of the exciting developments we’ve made with our Citrix DaaS solutions and Google Cloud.

Thursday 10/13

September 2022’s Most Wanted Malware: Formbook on Top While Vidar ‘Zooms’ Seven Places (Check Point)

Our latest Global Threat Index for September 2022 reveals that while Formbook is still the most prevalent malware, impacting 3% of organizations worldwide, Vidar is now in eighth position, up seven places from August.

Three Reasons Adopting Zero Trust Leads to Bot Protection and Web and API Security (F5)

Zero trust is one of the most talked about—and misunderstood—approaches to security since “shift left” entered the room. Too often, zero trust is equated with a specific technology, like software-defined perimeter (SDP), or a market segment, like identity and access management (IDAM).

Friday 10/14

Fast Onboarding to Citrix Desktops with IGEL OS – Better together! (IGEL)

IGEL has been working hard to make onboarding IGEL OS users in the field very easy. With the release of the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG), this has already been a reality for many years.

6 Common Infrastructure Storage Pitfalls to Avoid (Pure Storage)

FlashStack was designed to help our clients run their most sensitive, mission-critical workloads like ERP, supply chain, virtualization, and analytics—each of which only becomes more complicated with time.