This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On January 16, 2023

Monday 1/9

Why Intelligent Privilege Controls Are Essential for Identity Security (CyberArk)

Intelligent privilege controls must work in conjunction with one another to secure access for every identity. Continuous and constant monitoring and analysis of all activities of every identity allow organizations to detect and respond to unusual behavior.

Learning From the Past — Ten 2022 Cybersecurity Events to Know (Palo Alto Networks)

Threat actors are tremendously fond of recycling and reusing old techniques, as long as they continue to have a high rate of return. And as past incidents have shown us, these tricks can be useful for years, if people don’t apply appropriate patches and mitigations.

Tuesday 1/10

Design considerations for a Citrix Cloud-hosted access tier (Citrix)

A Citrix Cloud-hosted access tier can be a terrific way to simplify deployments by removing the need to maintain access layer infrastructure, provide inherent multi-datacenter resiliency, and achieve faster deployments.

People are already trying to get ChatGPT to write malware

Analysis of chatter on dark web forums shows that efforts are already under way to use OpenAI's chatbot to help script malware.

Wednesday 1/11

SCATTERED SPIDER Exploits Windows Security Deficiencies with Bring-Your-Own-Vulnerable-Driver Tactic in Attempt to Bypass Endpoint Security (CrowdStrike)

SCATTERED SPIDER (aka Roasted 0ktapus, UNC3944) leverages a combination of credential phishing and social engineering to capture one-time-password (OTP) codes or overwhelms targets using multifactor authentication (MFA) notification fatigue tactics.

Pure Storage Ransomware Protection for FlashRecover (Pure Storage)

After a disaster, businesses can’t wait days or weeks to get their data back. Pure Storage FlashRecover//S, Powered by Cohesity delivers complete disaster recovery in minutes.

Thursday 1/12

Simplified Email Authentication through Hosted SPF and DKIM Services (Proofpoint)

Email authentication is a critical measure to help prevent threat actors from sending email under the pretense of being from your organization. This tactic is referred to as domain spoofing and, if left unprotected, allows cyber criminals to weaponize your sending domains for malicious cyber attacks.

Check Point Research Reports a 38% Increase in 2022 Global Cyberattacks (Check Point)

Check Point Research (CPR) has released new data on last year’s cyberattack trends. The data is segmented by global volume, industries, continents and countries.

Friday 1/13

Taking the First Step Toward Zero Trust with Fortinet Identity and Access Management (Fortinet)

To mitigate identity-related risks, organizations need to proactively work to secure user identities. Zero-trust concepts are something that the security industry has been talking about for many years, but organizations still are unsure about how to implement zero trust in their organizations.

Azure Infrastructure 101 (Nerdio)

Microsoft Azure has a very strict hierarchy, but one that is crucial to understand in order to successfully deploy it.