This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On February 03, 2023

Monday 1/30

Why Small Businesses Choose CrowdStrike (CrowdStrike)

A cyberattack can cause significant damage to any organization. But for SMBs, a security incident that causes productivity loss, financial trouble or reputation harm can be devastating.

Introducing Automated Posture Management: Fix Cloud Security Risks with One-Click (Varonis)

With how quickly SaaS and IaaS apps add new features and functionality, it can be difficult to make sure they’re always configured properly. Large companies deploy an average of 187 different SaaS apps, which means security and compliance teams can spend months just trying to locate and understand their cloud security risk.

Tuesday 1/31

A Look at Today’s Threat Landscape—and What It Means for Tomorrow (Proofpoint)

By analyzing the latest trends, methods, and targets, we can predict the future of cyber threats and how threat actors may evolve and develop their attacks to increase their chances of success.

Three Ways to Reinforce Least Privilege with Identity Management (CyberArk)

Identities of all types — not just IT team members, but any employees — are gaining access to sensitive data, infrastructure and systems that today’s attackers can easily exploit.

Wednesday 2/1

FlashBlade 4.1: More Performance, Security, and Flexibility for All FlashBlade Customers (Pure Storage)

Purity//FB 4.1 also brings our latest software release to all customers, both for first-generation FlashBlade and FlashBlade//S.

Why DNS Load Balancing is Still a Necessity (F5)

Most applications today are no longer hosted in single locations but in multiple environments (e.g., on-premises and the public cloud, or per region). While this allows for better service to users, it also brings a need to route customers’ traffic to the closest data center.

Thursday 2/2

Analyzing Malware Code that Cryptojacks System to Mine for Monero Crypto (Fortinet)

In this analysis, I will show how the crypto miner software is delivered by opening the Excel document and how it is executed on a victim’s device.


Friday 2/3

RPC Password Causes High CPU, High AAA Session, and Crash

Any time there is a CPU or memory utilization issue, it is imperative to establish that the network functionality is not at fault. Evaluate the basics of traffic and bandwidth utilization, and scan the logs for any authentication issues.

The Rise of the Code Package Threat (Check Point)

The malicious code packages, Python-drgn and Bloxflip, distributed by Threat actors leveraging package repositories as a reliable and scalable malware distribution channel.