This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On February 10, 2023

Monday 2/6

CrowdStrike Announces Expanded Service Integrations with AWS (CrowdStrike)

On January 31, 2023, AWS announced CloudTrail Lake Partner Integrations, with CrowdStrike signing on as a launch partner. With this integration, organizations get the opportunity for a consistent security posture between on-premises workloads and those running in the AWS cloud.

Ransomware Roundup – Trigona Ransomware (Fortinet)

The Ransomware Roundup report aims to provide readers with brief insights into the evolving ransomware landscape and the Fortinet solutions that protect against those variants.

Tuesday 2/7

The Grand Unified Theory of Cloud Governance (FireMon)

Organizations that ignore cloud and let it run wild and free always end up in trouble, and organizations that try to enforce their existing governance end up with… just a different set of troubles.

How to Secure Secrets in Multi-cloud Environments (CyberArk)

Each secret is a potential vulnerability, as attackers can use compromised secrets to access critical systems and resources.

Wednesday 2/8

Upgrade Your Own FlashArray with Pure1 (Pure Storage)

With Pure’s non-disruptive upgrades, this once high-risk procedure is more like a routine call with a telehealth professional. You can do it from anywhere at any time, even during the day on a Friday!

Improve Digital Experience with Advanced SD-WAN Monitoring from Fortinet (Fortinet)

With digital transformation, applications may no longer run in environments and over networks that IT operations teams control. Operations teams must ensure application uptime and digital experience, whether applications are SaaS-based, hosted in the cloud, or in a data center.

Thursday 2/9

MDR vs. EDR: Which Detection and Response Solution is Right for Your Organization? (Arctic Wolf)

Every security environment is unique, and it’s important to remember that each organization has their own business and security goals. But the way the market is heading in terms of security needs, the threat landscape, and advances in technology within the business environment, organizations are seeking solutions that extend beyond endpoints.

Cybercriminals Bypass ChatGPT Restrictions to Generate Malicious Content (Check Point)

CPR researchers recently found an instance of cybercriminals using ChatGPT to “improve” the code of a basic Infostealer malware from 2019. Although the code is not complicated or difficult to create, ChatGPT improved the Infostealer’s code.

Friday 2/10

Phishing attacks are easy for criminals. This is how expensive they could be for you

Email is an easy target for cyber criminals. It can be lucrative for them, too - and costly for businesses.