This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On March 03, 2023

Monday 2/27

Security, Productivity and Privacy: Balancing a 3-Legged Stool (Proofpoint)

Securing sensitive information can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach because each organization’s definition of sensitive information can be different.

HardBit 2.0 Ransomware (Varonis)

Like most modern ransomware threats, HardBit claims to steal sensitive data from their victims, likely upon first gaining access to the network, before launching their payload to encrypt data.

Tuesday 2/28

The Evolution of Zero-Trust Network Access (Fortinet)

But over time, Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) will become expected, much like you expect your phone to have a built-in camera. Going forward, ZTNA will simply become a standard part of cybersecurity.

Business Email Compromise Is a Major Threat Actor Tactic — And It’s Growing (Arctic Wolf)

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is quickly becoming a top tactic for threat actors, and they have become increasingly adept at not only spoofing email addresses but taking over accounts altogether once they are compromised — all with the goal of tricking users and stealing funds.

Wednesday 3/1

How To Reduce Security Risks Posed by Cloud Identities? (Check Point)

Cloud infrastructures have an array of benefits that can help a business thrive in a highly competitive landscape. However, like any technology, it has its share of complexities and challenges, some of which can cause profound and irrecoverable damage.

CrowdStrike: More Cybercriminals Ditching Ransomware To Focus On Data Extortion

The number of threat actors that carried out data theft and extortion attacks, without deployment of ransomware, grew by 20 percent in 2022, according to the cybersecurity vendor.

Thursday 3/2

The Future Is Platform Engineering (F5)

As organizations look for ways to accelerate application delivery while mitigating risk, platform engineering is emerging as a better and faster developer experience that can scale.

Secrets Management: Meeting Developers Where They Are (CyberArk)

The whole point of moving production to the cloud is that developers can move faster than ever before, innovating and shipping new features on a daily basis. But that same speed can be an organization’s downfall if development outpaces security processes.

Friday 3/3

Citrix App Layering and the new Azure Connector (Citrix)

This new connector introduces a lot of changes to how Citrix App Layering operates in Azure. To align with leading practices, the team rewrote the code to leverage on Azure Deployments using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.

Troubleshooting SIEM Systems? Look under the Hood at Storage (Pure Storage)

Modern SIEM systems require modern storage. See what capabilities should be on the must-have list when choosing the right storage solution to support SIEM operations.