This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On March 10, 2023

Monday 3/6

FlashBlade//E™: The Dawn of a New //Era for Unstructured Data Storage (Pure Storage)

Pure Storage FlashBlade//E delivers the environmental, ease of use, and reliability benefits of all-flash storage for unstructured data workloads, but at a cost competitive to disk-based storage solutions.

Just Because It’s Old Doesn’t Mean You Throw It Away (Including Malware!) (Fortinet)

MyDoom (also known as Novarg and Mimail) was first discovered back in 2004. And while it has seen some updates and modifications since its introduction, it is an anachronism in the malware world that continues to operate well beyond expectations.

Wednesday 3/8

Phishing Campaign Targets Job Seekers, Employers

Threat actors are exploiting the ongoing economic downturn by using job-themed phishing and malware campaigns to target job seekers and employers to steal sensitive information and hack company recruiters.

Thursday 3/9

Introducing the new Citrix strategy and product innovations (Citrix)

With this new structure, the Citrix business unit of Cloud Software Group now has the flexibility and autonomy to focus on our core strength: providing an enterprise platform for app and desktop delivery. And that doesn’t just mean Windows apps. We’re evolving the platform itself to support and secure the growing number of enterprise web and SaaS apps critical to your business.

Protect Your People to Fight Systemic Risk (Proofpoint)

The concept of systemic risk is by no means new. However, as we become more reliant on digital, connected, and multi-layered systems, the scope of this risk is increasing dramatically.

Friday 3/10

Go from Zero-Day Threats to Zero Threats with Inline Sandboxing (Fortinet)

Unlike a traditional offline sandbox, known file-based threats such as malware are never allowed to enter the network, reducing risk and time to mitigate significantly. Inline sandboxing is one of many examples of Fortinet’s dedication to industry-first cybersecurity innovation to help our customers reduce risk and stay ahead of cyber adversaries.

U.S. seizes website selling malware that stole computer data

The site sold NetWire, a type of malware called a 'remote access trojan' (RAT), which is "a sophisticated program capable of targeting and infecting every major computer operating system," the statement said.