This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On March 24, 2023

Monday 3/20

What Is Zero Trust and Why Is it So Important? (CyberArk)

In today’s world, the rapid pace of digital transformation, increased use of cloud services and adoption of hybrid work has created a continually shifting enterprise environment that’s chaotic and difficult to secure.

CrowdStrike Extends Identity Security Innovations to Protect Customers and Stop Breaches (CrowdStrike)

The only effective way to protect against modern attacks is an adversary-focused security solution that unifies world-class endpoint protection with real-time identity protection to cover all aspects of an adversaries toolkit.

Tuesday 3/21

Multi-Cloud Networking: Challenges and Opportunities (F5)

While some parts of the business require an on-premises data center, many customer-facing services need the speed, flexibility, and efficiency the cloud provides.

Ransomware Roundup — HardBit 2.0 (Fortinet)

The Ransomware Roundup report aims to provide readers with brief insights into the evolving ransomware landscape and the Fortinet solutions that protect against those variants.

Wednesday 3/22

NerdioCon 2023 Recap

NerdioCon had two tracks, Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and Nerdio Manager for MSP. While Gotham is a MSP (Managed Service Provider), we specifically work with our customers using Nerdio Manager for Enterprise (NME). During the conference, I focused on sessions dealing with NME, where two major features were announced.

Purity//FA 6.4 Release Highlights (Pure Storage)

Looking for information on the latest Purity for FlashArray release? You’re in the right spot. Below, you’ll find a roundup of content related to each release.

Free decryptor for Conti-based ransomware released

The decryptor was developed using leaked data discovered late last month.

Thursday 3/23

Tips for Running Microsoft OneDrive in VDI

OneDrive is becoming a popular tool to store files as it provides anywhere access and user collaboration. Getting OneDrive to work in VDI can be challenging.

Beware of Phishing Scams 3.0- The email you receive might not be from who you think it is (Check Point)

Users are advised to remain cautious and be aware of links within any email, including those coming from known vendors and services.

Why Organizations Are Reluctant to Disclose Breaches (Arctic Wolf)

While there’s solid data on the volume, there’s a caveat, which is that organizations don’t want to disclose that they’ve suffered a data breach.

Friday 3/24

Microservice-based app delivery using NetScaler and Citrix Ingress Controller (Citrix)

Cloud-native applications are built to allow for continuous updating of code without affecting the user experience. A legacy application, on the other hand, requires a complete reload of the application because its parts are all intertwined, and the app has to be taken offline to be updated. Today, this type of interruption is unacceptable.

Multi-Extortion Techniques: Data Theft and Harassment on the Rise (Palo Alto Networks)

Today’s ransomware gangs are constantly evolving their tactics to pressure organizations to pay ransoms. These tactics often use multi-extortion techniques.