This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On April 07, 2023

Monday 4/3

Last week, six people in Nashville lost their lives senselessly. Too often, we hear devastating news like this, and then move on, in the hope it never happens to us, or to our families, friends, or colleagues.  

Today, Gotham will take six minutes from our days to remember those lost in last week’s tragedy. We ask you do the same, to keep these and all the other victims in your hearts, and to push for change.

What’s new with Citrix — March 2023 (Citrix)

This year has already been big for Citrix! With a renewed focus on hybrid deployments and meeting organizations where they are in their cloud journeys, we’ve brought you a ton of new innovations and updates already.

Holistic Visibility: An Introduction to Telemetry (Arctic Wolf)

As cybercrime evolves and organizations migrate to the digital realm, there’s been an ongoing race among businesses to evade bad actors, stay ahead of emerging threats, and mature their security posture. While tools are a critical component of these proactive and reactive defenses, tools alone are not enough, especially when it comes to telemetry.

Tuesday 4/4

Asset Visibility: A Critical Component of Security Hygiene (FireMon)

Environments are expanding at a rapid pace and cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks, making security hygiene a high priority for preventing attacks.

The Why and How of Server Virtualization (Nutanix)

The large number of companies implementing virtualization technology exemplifies the ubiquitous nature of this practice. Even businesses with minimal IT expertise can quickly identify the cost benefits of virtualization.

Wednesday 4/5

Rorschach – A New Sophisticated and Fast Ransomware (Check Point)

Rorschach ransomware appears to be unique, sharing no overlaps that could easily attribute it to any known ransomware strain. In addition, it does not bear any kind of branding which is a common practice among ransomware groups.

Transforming Network Security with AI-Powered Innovations in SASE (Palo Alto Networks)

With new advancements in SASE, we’re ensuring customers are prepared to meet the scale, complexity and speed of a highly distributed and cloud-first world.

Thursday 4/6

Ransomware Roundup – Dark Power and PayMe100USD Ransomware (Fortinet)

The Ransomware Roundup report aims to provide readers with brief insights into the evolving ransomware landscape and the Fortinet solutions that protect against those variants.

Job scams powered by ChatGPT could try to rob you. How to protect yourself

As layoffs have created more job seekers, scammers are using AI chatbots to create fake listings to steal money and data. Don't miss these safety tips.

Friday 4/7

Reimagining App Security for a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World (F5)

As our world becomes more digitally driven, applications and APIs are the building blocks of the experiences through which we all work, bank, shop, access healthcare, travel, and play. But operating the apps and APIs that fuel your business has become increasingly complex.

The Top Cyber Attacks of March 2023 (Arctic Wolf)

We’ve seen time and time again that no group is off-limits in the world of cybercrime, and the span of attacks we’re covering this month highlights cybercriminals lack of preference when there’s data and money on the line.