This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On April 28, 2023

Monday 4/24

Break the Attack Chain—Protect People, Defend Data (Proofpoint)

Recently, we’ve seen a rise in cyber criminals “triple dipping” from data exfiltration. They’re getting paid to return stolen data, destroy that stolen data and reveal what modifications were made to the returned data.

Global Threat Trends and the Future of Incident Response (Varonis)

As organizations have gotten better at recovering from ransomware attacks, threat actors moved from encryption alone to data encryption and exfiltration for additional leverage over victims.

Tuesday 4/25

Application Management for the Enterprise

Gotham has been delivering secure applications to client machines for over 20 years. In the past, this was done primarily through local installs, published applications, and virtual desktops. However, the application landscape is changing, and applications are now being delivered from more sources to more destinations.

No Shirt. No Shoes. No Access!

Fortinet Survey Reveals a Disconnect Between Ransomware Preparedness and Prevention (Fortinet)

Ransomware has existed for decades, yet the threat of falling victim to an attack today is greater than ever. While 2021 saw an explosion in the volume, 2022 was marked by accelerated frequency.

Wednesday 4/26

Evergreen//One Recognized as DCIG TOP 5 Storage as-a-Service Solution (Pure Storage)

Pure Storage is also focused on enhancing the data storage experience. Evergreen//One is a STaaS solution that gives businesses the flexibility to deploy storage capabilities whenever and wherever they are needed.

New Citrix HDX Optimizations for Microsoft Teams (Citrix)

As remote work and collaboration continue to thrive, video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams are an integral part of our daily routines. At Citrix, we’re stepping up our game by introducing new features to Microsoft Teams to enhance user experience and make virtual meetings more productive.

Thursday 4/27

Google Disrupts Massive CryptBot Malware Operation (Duo Security)

A new court order allows Google to take down current and future domains tied to the distribution of the CryptBot infostealer.

What Does the Future Hold for Zero Trust? (F5)

While every extortion attempt can create a renewed sense of purpose in better securing networks and sensitive data—the fact that ransomware and all forms of cyberattacks may cause lasting harm and psychological trauma to individuals should be a major wake-up call for any organization not already embarking on a zero trust security journey.

Friday 4/28

Cloud Risk Mitigation: Putting it in Context (Check Point)

For every cloud application, server, and workload added, the number of alerts piles up. Security teams have no time to go into each alert, investigate the findings, and prioritize the alerts themselves—never mind other security issues that may not even be on their radar due to a complete lack of visibility.

The State of Passwordless Security 2023: Report Recap (HYPR)

Cyberattacks continue to increase at an alarming rate, and many security breaches can be traced back to an authentication issue. Whether a password or a password plus an additional authentication factor, attackers are adept at bypassing them at scale.